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The master mechanic at work, and my list of his best Video's.
His Search PAGE is HERE.  Below are my favorite.

These examples all use OBD2 1996 and newer cars, if you have no scan tool (blind) or the antque OBD1 cars, Pre 96' then you must do 10 times
the work and use a vast array of tools.  (scopes and meters, after all , you are blind  ,just like in the olden days....)
For example you don't know That #1 cylinder is misfiring, only violent engine shaking, as a clue and lost power.
So ,you need to do all the tests on all older cars, to find the real cause.  Many cars (SUZUKI) have no OTC scan tools for older than 1996 (cept the $2000+ factory tool)
Amazon? $169
Alway use a 10:1 scope probe when testing cars to protect the scope. (from load dump transients the cars can produce (up to 400v spikes)  See my Tools page.

Now the Video's:
Lots of fuel flow , don't mean squat, see here what 1 PSI does,  and guess what, EFI is DEAD !  NO INJECTIONS.
if the crack was smaller , car idles, but has no power, (The pressure tests fail)

The Fuel pump communtator car have a bad segment ( current drop out seen here)   or  a shorted winding in the pump, causing power feed overload,  all cause a weak pump.
Any cheap or old Scope works, no need for $10,000 lab  scope, not at all, and any  min 10amp current clamp. Just look for symetricaly current pulsus.
Do make sure scope can handle 400vdc inputs ok. (cars have huge voltage spikes ( back EMF caused, and worse with weak battery)

Vacuum leaks,  and  very lean idle and hesistation ,off idle.
Finding ILLEGAL air? ( aka: UNMETERED) air leaks at idle,  LTFT is way too high at Idle, see Duane find it 2 ways.

Best Of TheBest on   injector tests, Amazing  Job Duane ! a great Video.!
NOID usage
Sonic probe or mag probe test.
Leak down tests are  here, in same Video.
Above turned out to be a bad injector connection.  Thanks Duane !
RAV4 misfire, injectors again.

Class 5-2: Continued. ,  bad injector wire .

Misfire  P0304.  (Spark and NOID test, all at same time , Cool Duane !)  #4 failing.  OPEN COIL INJECTOR 4.

Misfire  P0305  using lab scope, method ( NOID and ohm meter could have been used.)

What is wrong..  A NO BRAINER. (injector stuck on full time, due to a bad injector or PCM bad driver or injector wire ground out.)

Bad Ignition switch;

Mulitple unrelated electrical problems.

Cam sensor  problem.

Training class 5-1:  See duane use the $10 spark tool to see how strong that spark really is.  (#1or 4 cylinder is dead)

Class 2  ,  cranks but does not start.  , bad commutator segment in the fuel pump (pump stalls then engine stalls) You can see it fail with a scope.

EGR  issues.

Finding Intermittents using a real scan tool.  Bad ECT wire.  (note the did not lie, it threw the ECT codes) (looks to me like someone tried to put A CHIP kit, and failed.

Coolant issue 1

Coolant issues 2.

Any logging DC ammeter can do this, no need for $10,000 lab scope. not at all. ( any cheap DSO + DC amp lamp)
Weak  Starter?(on last leg starter) Duane finds a starter, that starts car ok, but one segment is dead on the commutator.

A/T diagnosis and full rebuild of  Daimler/Chrysler tranny. rebuild 4 chapters. 2-2014  (failed in US MAIL 2009 Wranger RHD)

OTC means over the counter, I walk into a store and buy this tool or part.   V4:  3-23-2013

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