The typical V.S.V.

Three way Solenoid valve TWSV.  (shown) VACUUM SOLENOID VALVES .
This is just an electromagnet air valve that gates vacuum to other devices, usually actuators.  The 1998 Kick has many 5 or more.
The TWSV valve (Suzuki's name)
The above VSV is for the EGR valve #1 in the front of the engine.
(the early 8v motor has 3 valves,  (DP, Evap and EGR)  In  1996 they added a second to EVG (check) and more EVAP valves in 1997.
Some VSV have no vents, (do not mix valves, non vented or  vented )
The correct routing of vacuum lines is easy, on USA cars . OPEN hood, look up, see USA VACUUM map.
Do not skip to see hose polarization, attach the correct hoses to correct nipples, per the hood graphic (an USA feature this map).  If no hood graphic, see here.

This vent is imporant ,when the VSV closes, the down stream MOD, valve line is vented , other wise the EGR might latch up. (might hold a vacuum in the line)
This line is vented to the C filter, above.  (the engine don't suck air in vent mode,  the EGR main, vents it's line, only.
For this reason, the HOSES can NOT BE transposed. or the EGR will fail.
The three states  above, are Open,  and closed/venting.
Tools : your lips, A DMM, and any 12vdc power source or battery. (a short test hose , say 1 foot)
There are  just a few   tests for this device.  (ohms check, voltage check and vacuum  path checks)
Set DMM  to Resistance mode, (auto ranged or fixed)  I'll call this an ohm meter,  for short... .(yes, lazy,tech slang)
Test 1: (Ohms ) Is the coil open , good or shorted  , much less than 36 ohms is shorted, 0 ohms is a short.  
  1. Connect an ohm-meter , R x 200 ranged, to the 2 pins in side this VSV connector (remove harness connector, by unlocking the lock) Do not force locks on connectors.
  2. Measure near 30 ohms. (mine vsv reads 36 ohms).
  3. See full FSM  test here.
On 2 way valves , just check path A to B.  (path C is missing on them)

Object at C is a filter, and can some times be removed and blown clean , on mine, I can not do that.

Insulation test (if all plastic the valve, skip this)
If you find a valve that is all metal on the out side then set the meter to 20meg ohm range and measure any conn. pin to the case.
The reading must be infinity.  (open circuit indictatons)  , if  it conducts to the case, then the coil is shorted to the frame, and bad.
Hold the meter leads in your finger tips, see the meter show leakage, (that is your body resistance) the VSV must read higher than you.
My body reads 20,000 ohms now. and my VSV reads 1meg Ohm  (1 million ohms) insulation resistance, (cleaned valve case) This is a good reading.

Here are my VSV's locations , see center.

Lil' Secrets.
The EVAP and EGR valve )VSV) default to OPEN with no power applied !  (key off they are wide open (that is why the intake  smoke tests fail on kicks)
When you start the car, the valves CLOSE with 12vdc cross their coils.

The ECU IMMEDIATLY CLOSES THEM AFTER starting  UP! (yes the ECU is a computer , a small microprocessor is inside ) 
They (EGR/EVAP1) do not open, until the car is cruising, so if you hear it clicking at idle, then the ECU is losing power. (or has the  bad caps syndrome.)

The purpose of this valve, is to allow the ECU to control  all  vacuum operated devices. EVAP and EGR are the 2 main valves.

Failure modes:
Not physically broken or case pin holed , or cracks , missing nipples.
it must close. 0vdc  (can't blow with lips,test)
it must open with 12v applied.  (you can blow with lips) (some work backwards from this, mine pass air A to B with no power)
if it don't click with 12vdc applied it is bad, (jammed inside) the coil is not polarized these years.  The kick only has one polarized coil , and that is inside tranny at the TCC.
(check coil for infinity resistance ,  if so, its  toast , coil is burned open inside)
it must not leak air closed.
it's just a 12v solenoid air valve.
open coil (infinity). or shorted coil 0 ohms. (ohms are about 30)
Coil shorted to frame of unit. bad, a  very rare failure type.
Stuck open or stuck closed is possible. and bad.
The simple valve with no vent is tested , like this.  3 = lips blowing. (use a fresh clean hose , so you don't kiss oil)

See EGR VSV2 here. (1996+)

ver 4