EGR CODE 53 H3LL or my EGRT is missing   

This code is kept almost a screct at Suzuki, if you read their books, almost zero stated on topic, (and is a USA EPA regs thing....)  I call this EGR2 (level 2 EGR , level 1 was vacuum tests (MAP) to pass EGR tests)
You may be here for 4 reasons: (there are more reasons ,sure, but here are 4 top reasons)
  1. Stock car, wrong ECU, or the EGRT is missing/bad or just fell off.
  2. You live in say in Panama and the ECU blew up, and your spare came  from California and it  barfs 53s (or 51s) or you bought a gringo 1995 ECU of any kind.
  3. You are converting a Samurai car to Sidekick G16B engine, (1992-95) bingo the 53s  and you have no CAT , no EGR at all, and live in say Ecuador?. Here is your 3 cent fix.
  4. You have  manual transmission car, and the ECU is so rare for that you want to run the A/T version ECU,  or newer version. (it does work) but you need this information below to do that.
1992-1995.  (or even more early for 8valve Sidekicks)
In all cases the ECU must match the EGRT. or you get 53s, on many USA ECU. 92+

Code 51s are a pain EGR failure, but code 53 now  that is a head scratcher, and is not covered in the FSM what to do.

Code 53 might show up for low battery voltage, on new cars the PCM tells you that, scanned, but not this car.  The mechanic. needs to use a  (any) voltmeter to test battery rested.  Normal running voltage is 13.3 to 15vDC.

53's From H3LL:
Now the odd things about this.
  • Used code 53 for both  bad or missing EGRT and for corrupt memory, simply wonderful...   Lets call it 53A and 53B (53B is bad ROM memory and a bad ECU , end topic, 53B)
  • Code 53s started with California, G16B 16 valve engine first. It is only a warning that the EGR (EGRT) sensor is missing in the EGR main valve.
  • If you have the wrong ECU in your car you may get this error, but  if not in USA you can  bypass it easy, See spec. below.
  • Suzuki may force Failsafe mode.  (rich and retarded spark timing)  on the EPA logic that NOX pollution is far worse than the other 3. (Nox is bad stuff, but so is CO)
  • The only clue on the car that you need this EGRT is the (ECU part numbers) See EGR2 required here.
Most true Federal E03 cars ,do not have this EGRT thermo probe.

Some times, parts get mixed up between year cars,  this may help below;
DTC 51's or  DTC 53's 

Some one put a 1992 EGR in your 1995 car.  BAM 53s. (or failed to plug  back in, it's 2 pin connector)
This part screws in to the MAIN EGR valve.

Public Enema #1. Rockauto ($92 bucks)

Carbon does not cause 53s only 51s.
Just cleaning the carbon off the tip. IF flow is good, and the tip is clean 51s go byebye.
 If the nut there will not unscrew(same rust in place) just clean off the carbon from the back side of MAIN (port)
Suzuki sells it from $125 to $180 bucks + tax + ship (ouch) so does

The  Calif. Thermo-probe EGRT  , is  clearly shown in the official Suzuki Parts lists  and on paper catalogs.  
The Suzuki catalogs, only mark  the ECU as E3 FED, or E33 Calif ,  the sensors are shown in the catalog a E33, (code for calif)

SUZUKI only. (rules of thumb, based off official Catalog part numbers)
ALL 8 valve engines use EGRT with E33 Calif. ECU. No Federal 8v (USA)  E03 car uses this sensor, it uses the MAIN MAP sensor on the fire wall for code 51 tests.

All 16v engines 1994 + , with  E33 engines  use the EGRT to detect EGR failure.  (some early 93s have it)
 If no EGRT?  then ECU uses, MAF readings and or RPM to test EGR functions (51 test monitors)
No engine from 1996 plus, has this EGRT sensor. (they have a new, first time used, EGR-MAP sensor, top rear of engine, exclusive to EGR usage.
This same  EGR-MAP sensor is also used on all J18/20 , 1.8L DOHC engines, starting in 1996.

GM rules; (a.k.a Geo Trackers ) 
 I have the microfilm, parts list. uFiche, and the GM catalog , shows the actual  ECU Suzuki part numbers, clear as day.
8V: TBI engines only. G16A
EGRT on 89/90  are different P/N  from 91+ do not swap them or the EGR main.
EGRT is only fitted on Cal cars 89/90 never FED.
EGRT is fitted to all 91 to 93 Cars. Calif. market E33.
EGRT is  fitted to all 94/95s period.
16V: MPI engines only. G16B
All USA  95s are fitted with EGRT , the 16v was forced (C.a.r.b) in all Calif. GEO Trackers in 1994 .
 Early 92 to 93 used air flow checks, and or RPM to prove EGR operations.
The EGRT ended in 1996 due to total redesign of ECU and smog,  called OBD2 systems.  Using the EGR MAP sensor.

BYPASS IT (if out side USA) :  (luck for you , the ECU is a tad dumb, in that it never does differential testing.) (EGR opens and it just looks 1 time, end test)
If you have the Thermoprobe mandated ECU,  the secret is , it only looks 1 time, each driving cycle and only for HOT.  for 51s, but does look key on, for a missing EGRT (53s)
 A 10,000 resistor (3 cents) fools the ECU to pass 51's . (a great way to test (only) what is going on)
 Do so  (bypass) at pins B17 to B15 if this is a  custom car, or running the wrong harness in your say G16b Samurai in say Panama.  In Panama, we can bypass what ever we want.
The 10,000 ohm resistor also fools code 53's , use these facts to discover ,what ECU is in your car? (this is a simple test and a 3 cent resistor,  with color bands "black,brown,orange"  .

EGRT rules: (spec)  It's is only a NTC Thermistor.  (neg. temp. coefficient)  in Gringo that means; as Temp.'s rise, Ohms (resistance) drops.
212 F. = 11.2 to 13.6k ohms   or about 12,400 ohms : To test  the sensor logic:  I use a 10,000 ohm (any watts) cheap resistor to defeat  51's and 53's. )  To be legal, I always test in Mexico or Canada.
140 F = 42.1-55.5k ohms.
68 F = 214-313.8k ohms   (typical room temperature reading)    Suzuki only shows 3 data points for temperature.  It is a very crude device.

A list for folks that mixed ECUs with wrong car year. or type SMOG (FED/CAL)
ECU part numbers that must have a California EGR thermoprobe.
Called EGRT   (many persons found the wrong ECU in their car and EGR hell , ensues)
ECU SUFFIX P/N..  (see here for , bottom of ECU tag location)
All ECU Prefixes are the same. ,seen in link above.
Also below the SUZ, part number is a marking like US MT , this means for usage in USA car, manual transmission only.  or US AT. 

(All other Suffix P/N not listed below , are for vehicles not NEEDING the  EGRT devices) A.k.a. The EGR main, thermoprobe cars.
56B51   8V
56B61   8V

16Valve MPI engines, CAL car  list:  See actual parts list here.
58B00 (MAYBE?)70EA0  94 16V, AT 4DR
(there my be others, but the parts list, is not too clear  on this)
If you mix up  the WRONG EGR valve,wrong EGRT , HARNESS OR ECU p/n  then  DTC  CODE 51/53  will continue forever.
All other p/n ECU are FED , no EGRT probe.  
Do not mix up early EGRT 89/90 with later years.

Parting shots.
The later Suzuki,  van 4 door (5 door world name) some have code 50A,  EGR systems.  Is Code 50a for Calif. or New York?  I can not discover this.
these started in  1995 mid year build.
VIN suffix codes

S = 1995 year code
tilde means and so on.....
those are cut in dates for the EGRT EGR main.

We also just saw a 1993  4door 16v with the ECU pin B17 wired all the way to the engine bay,  why is that true, on any 93 FED car?  very odd ,that.
The EPC list:  E33 is Calif.  these are all P/N of all 16v  EGR main valves. 92-95.  58B00 is Fed EGR minus the EGRT.
I have no idea at all if, mixing B10 for B30 is a problem.   I call the B30  a CALIF. EGR.

Now the odd Duck, (called the 50a option in the Suzuki parts CAT.)  Contradicts above page.  5-1 is FED car, E3 means Fed, E33 means Calif. (market codes)

To test this wire above, put any resistor of 10,000 ohms to ground, there, see if the 53's end.  If yes, that means your ECU has CAL code. EGRT programming.  < a simple acid test..... easy huh?
The B30 ECU is listed as FED. and this one is NOT.
I'm told that the Mitsubishi codes on the sticker of ECU, has a secret list that only Suzuki dealers have.  I've never seen one......

8 VALVE TBI , 53's  ok sure
The 8valve ECU has a California pin.  (this pin if grounded tells ECU its plugged into a California harness) Cute huh?
Seen here at A4

I wonder if B14 on 16v ECU does this guess is it is NOT a California pin. like A4, 8V.
The 8v uses only 2 kinds of EGR tests. EGRT like the above and main map sensor pressure drop methods.
In 1996 Suzuki added and EGR map, that is  just for only EGR, and suspended all EGRT usage. (for ever)

Parting shot: 
Some Cars sold world wide and even Canada, have no DTC 51 (or 53's) monitors at all, zero, some have a simple EGR (sans tests, E01 market !) some have NOTHING, some JDM cars have no EGR, no CAT, No oxygen sensors. at all.  A FACT.  Have proof.
This page is primarly 100% USA spec,cars. or near. (or how to use our ECU in your country)

Good luck sorting 53s..  !! I hope this page helped you, and saved you tons of cash, grief, and wasted time.

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