The 1992 to 1995 OBD1 ECU.              

Suffix numbers   -58Bxx -59Bxx (calif 94 only) -70Exx
USA cars, my page HAS nothing at all to do, with other countries running IMMOBILZER ECUs'  We don't have those!

ALL 16V Critical ECU pin voltages  and FSM full pin lists and voltages are here.:

All 16v ECU need the Rubicon Caps, replaced just  once, per car /ECU life time.  (92-95 only) 

POWER LOSS:  (and includes bad grounds) ( 0.0 to 0.5vdc is factory spec. on grounds)
The ECU has 3 fuses , all 3 need to be good.  IG-coil, FI and Dome (memory)
When you turn the key, the Main relay must energize, if it does not, the ECU lost its ground or someone hot wired the fuel pump and burned up the A10 Diode D102 inside the ECU.
Key on and  pin A13 and A13  most go to 12vdc or the MAIN relay is dead. 
Pin A10 must be about 0.7vdc or the diode inside is blown up.

If pin A10 is 12vdc then the  diode is blown up, or the the ground pins on the ECU are cut or bad, or corroded somewhere.  See bad grounds link above.
Pin B6 must be at +5vdc or the ECU is bad, (or that wire feed in the engine bay is shorted to ground)
If the above conditions are good, the CEL lamp, now glows, keyon. (the ECU ,basic self tests are passing !)

My 16V ECU photo below,  shows the location all major ECU actuator driver transistors too !
Below is Typical of all 92's to 95 , and 16  valves typ. of USA and Canada,   other countries,may be different.
The front injector on the engine is #1 so the rear is #4  , 1,2,3,4 front to rear.
The injectors (drivers) can open, short, leak or burn up.
Drawing 3:  ( see heat sink, those 5 transistors, are Injector Drivers Q101-108)

Usually, only outputs blow up, all inputs are protected with resistors and filter cap.'s..
The transistors above with Qnnn ID. have numbers/letters, on the side.  Q103 has C2562 on the side. so...
 For example the p/n becomces, 2SC2562 at Q103  ( just add 2S and the full JAPAN p/n is created).

Lets say,the fuel pump relay is dead and Q113 is dead (cause) the transistor is marked. CE1F3P (the whole row are same pn) Fast data for same
IC-15 (not a transistor but looks like it) is a 10 vdc regulator.TA78DS-10BP  That supplies power to IC17
Q105 is missing on mine, due to its being a M/T ECU.

IC-14 ( dual driver SIP  m6269L  pin1&7) connects to ECU pin B23 Heater 02 driver.  All parts starting with "M" for Mitsubishi are impossible to find.
The Main Relay Driver  on pin A10 is connected to Diode D102 and to B1 Ground.  (not truly driver, just a single diode see it here)
The injector drivers  are 2SD1415;  (before ordering this part , be sure its in a 100% plastic package, no metal on backside or mount tab.)
Q100 is a 2SB1018 PNP Transistor. it too, must be in plastic 100%
Q103 the 2SC2562 ISC driver.  NPN power transistor.  Easy to buy it is.

The CE1F3p
and others below (links)

See transistor testing.

Parts Substitutions.

2 new schematics :
My Injector schematic.

+5vdc refr. and main 5vdc power supply details.

If the 2 white ceramic hybrid modules (eg IC-7) are bad?,  I think it's the end of the road.  ( Mitsubishi don't return calls)
IC 1 the processor is programmed and is not sold anywhere in that form.  IC2 is a custom Mitsu, ASIC, and is not an over the counter part.

v3  (2-3-2013)