Underdog status?:  In the USA and Canada.

Proof of Underdog status) (makes used parts and after market parts hard to find) !
THE USA data:   { and hard to dig up, too}
 SUZUKI SIDEKICK's are RARE HERE USA.  See the reason below.
4000 Kicks in 1 year 1998 for a whole Continent. (I think only USA deliveries)  CAMI ONLY , Sports are from Japan real.    (only 80 cars per State)
9000 1,8L Sports delivered to USA in 1998 (last year made) for USA.  ( a very tiny production. )
Suzuki sold 37,000 cars total( all models (Metro's etc) in 1997) and 33% more in 98.  (tiny)
Suzuki Samurai , 1986 ( 83,000 cars sold in USA) after CR (debunked) report in 1987, volumes dropped to 14,000 in 1990 , then rose to 20k in 1992.  CR really killed off that Samurai , no?
Hint 1: if you want used parts, pull them off a dead Geo Tracker.  Lots of Geo's in the wild.
Hint 2: if you want parts that fit?,buy them from Suzuki,  if not , be ready for Aftermarket parts that don't fit, because they mix EVERYTHING UP.  (they can't even get the engine right!, etc)

I can not quote GM Tracker build data because GM keeps it a big secret .  (they only tell  all cars sold with Chevrolet badges)  ( I do think there were huge productions of Trackers,  not Toyota huge but by comparison to Suzuki)
I did find that the CAMI plant shipped only 45,000 cars total all brands "models"  in 1998.   (again,  dinkydoo production.)
By comparison:
Jeep sold 522,000 in same year , 98'
Toyota sold just in light trucks, 275,000.  , in 98'
Now you all know, why Suzuki is an underdog, that is because they were. (are ?,  I think they are 9th in world wide today.)
Many makers of parts, do not support this car, due to these small "numbers" facts.  (try to find a TPS sensor, for under $200)?

A short History: (USA only !)
First year is 1989.  (first cars, made in Iwata Japan, then in May 89, moved to  joint SUZ/GM plant, "Cami" in Canada)
The First USA 16v Tracker and Sidekicks were introduced in 1992 (in Calif they were mandated (C.A.R.B rulings), over 8 valve , TBI is more dirty than MPI,by their reasoning.)
First OBD2 KICK (Tracker) ,was in  1996  (the first DOHC motor , 1996 called the 1.8L SPORT, and are rare see some parts here)

this data IS, hard to dig up.
And Suzuki USA has filed for bankruptcy, and will no longer sell cars and trucks here, only motorcycle and the like.

and next is Canada by 2014 , no more Car sales,