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Wet Boot
Hi everybody my names Pete and I'm from the SW of the UK. I just bought an X90 and love it but the boot keeps getting wet inside and then the water tracks across the carpet to the rear carpet behind the 2 seats. Has anyone else experienced this ? I've checked the boot rubbers and they are really good. Could it becoming from the spoiler mounts ? Cheers Pete
finding leaks is not easy. id use a water hose with spray to find this.. but i bet ,you have limit natural supply there "rain"
the strip of paper test, held in hand, at many points on the gasket , around boot door., if you find it slips pulled, door closed, the gasket is bad or door misalinged
or unseen minor body damage (warpage there)
the doors have cards (inside skins), remove it, and look for leaks inside doors. (hatches, boot lids, etc) while spraying water. on that area,
spoiler? this and Indi 500 x90 ? LOL
Hi thanks for your tips... It's true I probably don't need a hosepipe ! Been raining here non stop for 72 hours ! Just checked again and it seems to be getting in between the inner and outer skin of the boot - sorry trunk !
you're welcome.
sounds like a like inside the door, (hatch,) can be locks, or windows seal with hidden crack.
some can be hard to find.
yes, spent time ,when young with old cars camping in car, doors closed, in rain, skins (door cards) off, watching with a flash light (torch) and bingo.
in a pinch, find leak an RTV the sucker.? (sil. glue)

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