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Upgrading/replacing front suspension components
just bushings
one can also heat arm ends to get them out easy
or make press with a cheap bottle jack
on some cars here, they ,must burn them out. a nasty process that. id never do here.
im sure they press out,did you read the 96 fsm on that.

im guessing front "A" arm service.
chapter 3c
its there 3c7
getting ball stud off spindle they show special tool but many makers sell generic tools for this, lacking that tool hammer hits, and pry
there are only 2 ways, the tools proper or mr, hammer,
heat the spindle gently, then tap the ball, stud,smartly, bam off, do not attempt to get spindle knuckle ends red hot, it wrecks the tempering.

now the bushings, if you look they use a standard shop press. same page

see 2 special tools
those are just a drift and a pipe.
one fits the bush size
the other fits rim /arm of bush outer size.
and you press it out (again heat can help on the arm bush shells)
they also sell arms new, pre fitted with bushings

any suspension shop in my town can press those off and on for like $25 a pair. id let them.
our buy the whole arm. ready to rock.

getting right parts
fixing car is easy, finding parts that fit or not clone junk is not easy , its not skill (moving targets)
its luck.
just buy top brands, and I agree, some dorman parts are junk, some are not, like TPMS sensors.
but some parts for imports, are from china, and rebanded
i read they closed plants here, and started using junk in place of quality usa made parts.
top names first
dorman after above.
china clones , last if ever , only in pure desperation,they make a good 8v exhaust manifold.
some other parts like ball joints look and feel weak.
Totally sir. As always many thanks!! Did not tell you. When fixing my buggy's front suspension, of course I went Moog and all the parts. And one good story, well at least for me.

When I ordered the right radius arm, I bought it on Fleabay from an Auto Parts in NY for $46 (only$5 s/h) When part got home what do you know!! There is a Japanese brand called Three Five, Quality parts builder I get, and thats what I got in the box.

Look it up if you have time, and see for how much they sell on eBay or any other auto parts online. The rest, all the bushings (also Moog) were all also made in Japan, with actual Honda numbers printed on them.

So I almost ended up replacing everything with OEM quality products. Lets see how good they are when she rides out again.

Sidekick 94, 1.6L Engine 16v
4 spd Auto Tranny
4 Door 2RWD
Puerto Rico
ebay has lots of scalpers.
I know, but what Im saying is that I got the real deal. That part sells for at least $150.
Check this out, not from Ebay.


Same has happened with real Stant, Denso and Bosch parts.
Sidekick 94, 1.6L Engine 16v
4 spd Auto Tranny
4 Door 2RWD
Puerto Rico

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