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Trouble Installing Dizzy
cant go wrong there, the real deal. suzuki book.

what matters, is the rotor aligning with the cap, #1 terminal, best is paint line on body #1, then take off cap.
then drop the dizzy in its home, so the rotor , spins on the spiral gear, and lands on the new mark, keeping the timing slot window, (bolt mount slot) mostly centered.
that is all there is to this...

the gear can be set 13 wrong ways
but there are only 4 terminals and #1 is the correct terminal and is 90dgrees from the other 2, far.
only one gear tooth aligns correctly to get that #1 rotor spot. usually takes 3 ties. (anticipating the spiral and noting its travel helps)

I did what your not suppose to do and got parts from multiple vehicles. So should keep you entertained for a few months
1987 Suzuki Samurai w/16v engine out of a 1995 Suzuki Sidekick 4 door MT
the G16B engines are same, until 1996, obd2 mandate by EPA
the other major matching is ECU and harness and years.. for smog parts, EGR (calif system or Federal )
the 92 -95 each have unique tuned ecu for smog, and parts to match, mostly EGR setups.
it's nothing major.
good luck and ask for help , you are welcome....!

I have been reading with interest the section 'How to set ignition timing' in the FixKick site.
Out of curiosity, I went to look at my distributor wires and noticed straight away that the firing order in my Sidekick 16Valves was set by the mechanic very different!
Starting from 1pm and going counter clock wise it is: 4-2-1-3!
And the adjustment screw of my distributor is totally on the left side(see photo of distributor).
Does anyone have any considerations/comments?
Thanks in advance!

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that is correct. the distributor really and truly does not know where #1 is...
the only clue is where you put that hv wire. (and order) starting point, direction and order.
and where you planted the distributor to get that.
only those to factors, count , but the distrib inside is the same for all cylinders the CMP is symmetrical.

The base only mounts 1 way, abet the slot can be off, 1 tooth.. (planted wrong)
what matters is the gear.
we can plant the gear to have the rotor land any any of the 4 rotor cap terminals (or be way off)
and will run on any of the 4, confusing for sure.
on some other engines, there is no gear, and is and offset drive, shaft,
the suzuki is 13tooth drive. and can be off 12 ways. oops.

i can see your engine, its 16valve.s but what ah if i go back its a 92
so why not timing like the book.
timing by the book means when reading the book in other chapters and it says, #1 fires here, for the next steps(like setting valve lash) the user does not get confused.
I can also time it off #4 but lets not go there..... trouble stacked on trouble..... that is... can do but .. nah.

this line above means you are starting at #1 to begin the timing steps.
#1 (valves lash loose #1 is just that) no other.s not #4 loose at TDC.
the slot bolt to left is ok, if timing is at spec, is it? ever time it with the freeze jumper planted.
this is the factory way. its clear?

i can also plant the distributor to any HV cap tower lug, (not off or between them, dead on aligned) to any of the 4 towers (cap nipples = tower)
see? it runs perfectly like that.
i also attempt to get the slot there centered as i drop the distributor, it wont be perfect , having the crank is 5deg BTDC helps. some are 8 BTDC, hood sticker tells you this.
so to do this the factory way
the rotor is a 1pm. 12 is center of the SLOT.
repeat over and over to get the the gear to land there. and must align with the cap terminal #1 all at once.
then put wire 1 to 1cap and ccw, 3,4, and last #2 1,3,4,2.
tighten the clamp
start engine
use timing light with freeze planted and set timing to hood spec. (sticker under hood has this) advanced it is.
there are lots of pitfall. here.
crank key or cam keys sheared. or set wrong.
crank pulley internal rubber bond , sheared, making the markes all lies (had one)
lots more.
one guy got the dizzy gear off and back on wrong, some way, dont know....
Thank you, yes it's all clear to me now.
It's pretty much the same but as you say, why change the order of the books and add confusion?
I feel very tempted to put the timing right myself, but I'm still learning and as it's my only car I don't want to be stranded or get stuck here!....like the guy with the dizzy! ah ah
yes, and is not important to the car, really, it will run on any of 4 terminals for ever
i'd not change it either if only 1 car. no way...
nobody needs that level of stress...
cheers to you and happy holidays ..!!!

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