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transmission id
hi everyone hope i can get some help, 1999 chevy tracker 1.6L 16v 5 speed manual transmission. Is there a way to identify if i have a 65mm or 72mm mainshaft in the transmission without tearing down the transmission.
 thanks in advance
ok, the 5speed, transfer case changed in 1996. spline changes. but not the main box. after 2003 IDK.
Im not sure at all what you are doing, intent? what are you attempting? is there a problem not stated.
my guess is this is used transmission buying question?
or some related .?
the 5sp is 1989 to 2003 in my books, are you asking for them ALL>?

what car is this, 4doors?, is the car 4wd, ? always first spec out the car.

MAIN SHAFT ID#7 in the official books. (GM sells same car, with trim changes)
the main shaft i can look up, if that is all you need, and will now.

main is the top rear shaft not the front pilot bearing shaft.
main is not the same at all 2wd and 4wd, the 4wd is WAY shorter, due to transfer case fit up.
so Ill guess 4wd,
99 main is 4wd = P/n 24121-60A00 (A51 = 2wd) 96 to 2003 and older.
same 4wd shaft 1992 to 2003, same exact part numbers, I will not do 2wd now.... and not told yet. and 2wd has revisions I do not understand, (if done both rebuilt 2WD/4WD 91 to 97)

main holds all the top gear syncros etc, and is not the CLUSTER gear down bottom.
the transfer case output shaft splines changed year 96

off my swap page, (splines) https://fixkick.com/swaps#rule_of_splines
"The transfer case changed in 96 with new out put spline changed. (and for sure prop shafts)
Input is the same. to XFR case. input spline count is 23 ,BTW.
All t-case (transfer case or xfr case) input splines from 89 to at least 98 are the same size and count.
T-case output shaft splines are the same from 89-95 (26 spline) and from 96 to at least 98 they are 16 spline.
The output shaft size is 30mm (1.81"). on all."
65mm or 72mm

72 = 2.83 inches, is this out of a mack truck?
tell where you heard this rumor..???
or post photo of this "MAIN" ? photo work best for sure parts deep in any BOX. and is it 4wd.
we tear transmission down to see all bad or worn parts.
what I do is start with 2 boxes on the floor, and make one good, with less new parts, some are NOT SOLD NOW NEW< , maybe ALL. bearings and syncro rings sold yes.
old cars are best done like this, for sure now that SUZUKI is mostly GONE now in USA> (no walk in grab parts walk out) (calif and NJ yes)
post a link to 72mm, Id love to read that. for sure.

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