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Starter switch is also the culprit of no start
Hello everybody,
My Sport is having a problem of no start. After checking every place I found out that the starter switch is the culprit. At the moment, I remove out the plastic covers, both up and down, at the steering wheel. Unless I start it with the right hand and the left hand pressing this, look at the picture, otherwise it will not start. Are there any ways I can repair it or I have to replace it? It is interchangeable with the one from the 1.6? Any help is appreciated.
'96 (07/95) Sidekick Sport 16V, 1.8L, 4 auto, 4x4, 4dr, A/C, ABS in stock

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it's bad.
great questions, both, can switch be had neat? and does it vary from non sport;. no,no
SMP sells the same switch US812 for both cars. $150 full set, no switch only. at rockauto.com

suz. lockset, p/n 37103-60850-5ES (5es is color black) 97/98 only and fits 1.6 and 1.8 car
2x that at suz.

some switches can be take apart, (rivets drilled out,etc) and cleaned, and contacts,silversoldered if perforated. then regreased and put in service.
the A/T PRNDL switch is like that, and having a new key kinda stinks. id buy the new switch assy. and swap the end.
the key switch assy, mount has tamper screws, remove them by any means and use hex screws to put back in,.
The Key Switch assembly/ column has 2 tamper proof bolts, you grind flats to heads , then unscrew with vise grips and trash them.

If I get a switch, I'll just change out the actual electric/wired switch part. No reason to fuss with the 'special' bolts, new keys and all that fol-de-rol.

above pn is for 4door A/t car. m/t is diffr and 2door.

i did this many times. (96+ are harder,,,, to get cluster out. so...)

Thanks for your reply.
Can we replace that with the one from other cars? Or do they have different functions? Since we don't have Suzuki parts here.
Thanks again,
'96 (07/95) Sidekick Sport 16V, 1.8L, 4 auto, 4x4, 4dr, A/C, ABS in stock.
the word can, is never infinite
one man can, an and other can't
to be sure modifications are limitless.
should you, no.
can you yes, maybe, or?

btw 2, rockauto sells parts all over the world.
and i think my link to suzuki parts does too. i get messages all the time that they do....

can you use a ford (at random) switch in a suzuki, not with out a full machine shop and alum. TIG welder.
first off it must fit.
and the steering lock still work, how would you get the machanical parts working, the park lockout, the key minder, the headlight left on warning to work .
it has many features,
but if all you want is fire an smoke, (forward motion) any switch in the car can be bypassed. That is why these cars so so easy to steal, and my 08 is imposable (IMMO). (baring trailer towed)

If car is a logging truck, or a stump puller truck
as some are
you can just put in a generic boat , ignition switch and mount it on the dash, just like a boat and wire it up. same way. sure can.
your switch has 1 input (battery) and 4 outputs.
input, green.
output 1; blue runs 20 things via fuse 15 , (and is accessory line)
output 2: blue-black runs fuse 16,17,18 and 32 loads.
output 3: yellow-black runs fuse loads 19 and 20 and power windows CB.
output 4: black-red the starter key line.
each output is rated for high currents. that is why its split, to do all 3 as one would take a very huge switch and very expensive.. and output 1 allows accessories to work right.

there are vast choices..

on one car i used a huge relay $$$ that closed, and did the above, (and separate start line)
and then used a secure key to activate the relay.

the key question is how to fit the wrong key switch assembly to a suzuki.... ive never seen or heard anyone try the labor would be 3x the cost of a new switch.

be lucky this parts fits the G16 Suzuki;s as sports are very rare cars and some of the parts are not sold now.
Thanks again.
The switch is attached to the assembly with only one screw, that is why it leaves the other side with a gap.
The solution at the moment is to tighten the other side with two plastic cable ties to the steering. It works. However, I will see how long it lasts!
'96 (07/95) Sidekick Sport 16V, 1.8L, 4 auto, 4x4, 4dr, A/C, ABS in stock.
ouch. dont sound good that.
too bad there are not sellers of just the switch with pig tails.

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