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speedometer cable- chevy tracker 98 2w 4door
so glad the cable fits. some can be hard to get a fit. happy day.

the gauge wire fell of the sensor (1 pin sender) and is now grounded out? touching ground. causing full scale.
some gauges are not return to zero ,but i think this one is.
id fix that wire first to the sender.
id bet the gauge is ok. only bad connections.

DLR? option is good, but just the lamp in the cluster bad,
reset the cluster connector and DRL , running lamp socket? in cluster?

good luck , seems you are getting close to done, cheers.
I changed the temp gauge from my original cluster as that was the only thing that worked. also replaced couple of bulbs and now everything looks good. Thanks God.

I probably took the cluster out and put it back in like 10 times and I can tell you that is not a fun job.
I will share my experience I found easier doing it over and over again.

Tip1: (it applies to 96-98 trackers with the cluster in the shape of a half moon. Don't know about others years) When you take the cluster out you don't need to lower the steering wheel just take the clear plastic cover first and it will be able to pull it out. I put a thin cloth on the metal part of the steering column so it won't scratch as it is a bit tight.

Tip2: When installing the Speedo cable sometimes is hard to plug it in to the cluster because is hard to align the square end shape of the speedo wire when you don't see it. so I go to the other end where connects to the transmission and pull it out an inch or so. then it is much easier to plug it and to push the wire back just rotate it easy while pushing and it will find its way back in.

I hope this is not a repeat .

I will take a break before I get to fix something else in this car.

Chevrolet Tracker 1998, 5sp 4Dr 4x2
Suzuki Esteem 2002, Auto.
on my 96/97 the steering had to be dropped a bit. unlike any 95. the book said drop it but found i must. id didnt want to. i found loosing the floor column plate at the fire made it easier.
yes, had one out 5 times too, each with 1 more cluster failures, i had to mix parts from many to get one perfect.
yes,the square end of cable, is tricky,

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