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Ring & Pinion
My rear axle started whining on accel and decel a couple weeks ago after I flushed the housing and added new gear oil. I am having trouble locating a new ring and pinion in 5.125 ratio and was looking for advise on where to buy or what to try first. Thanks in advance!
u-joint? bad,? they are way cheaper and less work to fix.
wheel bearing bad?
i'd clamp this on , to the 3 points and listen and drive first. if its not the R&P you saved lots of work and cash.

find if the R&P is bad, you wont like Suzuki price for a set,
but the bearings are all off shelf.
wreckers sell the 3rd members gear set pigs. or a whole axle. is the best bet.
i hope you didnt use a flush more stronger than, diesel fuel, kerosene or paint thinner/ Stoddard solvents. as doing so, can cause bearings and gears to fail.

one of the last steps in cleaning bearings with wrong solvents , is to finish the clean with alcohol. to get the other off the bearing, which can cause the GL5 to fail.
i use, Paint thinner. it's safe.

some solvents drive deep in the metal or coat it. and cause the GL5 to fail on first run.
and can cause seal damage.

do the 3 point test. with the stethoscope. tool

left ,right and center or even top of carrier.
you will hear the noise. and will be very load, , and the tool will prove direction.
get a test driver to drive as you listen.

on mine, i hand a bad R/R axle bearing, (weird sound) but with the tool, it was 100% clear , which end was bad. oh boy, did it scream.
I only flushed with clean oil no solvents. The oil that was drained out was very gritty. I replaced the outer wheel bearings 4 weeks ago with new seals & packed with grease. The diff gets very warm after driving around 20 miles. I will change the oil again this week and use synthetic and see if it helps. Can I use an additive like powerpunch with moly lube added? If any what would you recommend? Thanks in advance!!! Love your site!!!
if the carrier bearings are bad, there is no magic juice on earth that can repair, that.
same goes for gears.
the snake oil that can work is the kind that swells seals and can make them stop leaking, for a while.

noise there dead center, are bad bearings, bad gears, (the former causes latter) and spider gear pins can fall loose.

id find a used axle. and most are good , the suzuki can't make much torque, and the axle is very HD in this scale of power. so most used axle, put in new end axle bearings and its ready to go.
or find a carrier , ready to go (they are hard to build and tune , DIY) read the FSM pages, lots of steps.

the inboard seals on axles ends, keeps the nasty crunched up axle end bearings from migrating to the main housing, saving all there.

that vary gritty is a bad sigh.
from the main drain., not a good sign at all,
time for a new carrier set.

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