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rear wheel bearing collar
Greetings!  I have recently started working on my '96 4-door diesel swap again, and have been ordering all kinds of parts online.  The rear wheel bearings have me confused though.  The axles had collars on them when I took it apart, but the new wheel bearings I ordered (Timken) came without collars and said "new bearing design, replaces collar".  

Anybody know what's going on there?  The new bearings look the same as the old ones as best I can tell...
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well if you think about  that, a minute.
the collar there, is not new all cars modern have this unless axles are inboard locked. at diff, side gears locked.
all do.
and keeps axles from flying off and hitting folks on side walk. Undecided
the collar is the lock,  simple and very high pressure forced on with a press. (just did one on 04 tracker)

My wild guess, (call them (maker) first and ask or post up your papers in the box, so we can read them)
Timken is top maker of bearing and fine tool steel, best in the world in fact.
they sure can make a custom bearing lacking such a collar,  the hub of the bearing becomes the collar,
but means the bearing is useless for other things,
this saves the cost of 2 parts, just one bearing,

if you press the bearing on and notice it takes huge forces, 1000lbs? then you know what you have.  pressing only the hub center never the outer rim of any bearing like this.
Timken has great white pages, and not do do lists,,  very very good. (and the why bearings fail too soon)

what out for the stinky GM book on this car mine fails at one step, the brake backing plates are RTV seal there, oK , the suzuki 96 book does not make this silly error. GM only.
Ive no idea what books you have.

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