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oil light not turning on.
I have a 1992 4 dr sidekick with 1/6l, 16V 4 sp auto. 4 wheel drive; Having a problem with the oil light not coming on at start up. Wondering where to start trouble shooting. I have removed cluster and swapped bulbs with known good bulb but light still won't come on. Can I some how check the sender or how exactly does this circuit work. I saw a description about how to replace it with a real gauge but nothing about how to trouble shoot the light. thanks
1992 Sidekick, 4 door, 4-spd automatic, 1.6 L, 16 V, MPI
the first step is to pull the wire off the oil sender (oops its already fell off?) and ground the wire, (yell-blk)
if the lamp glows now, the lamp and path, is good, if not?, the sender is bad, or the oil pressure is below 5psi.
the lamp tests are in the FSM. and is linked in books. the 96 online book has same set up.
the key to this is here.
off the schematics page.
see this

see page 2, 16v
see the oil light, is just 2 wires. one is power, and power is shared in the head, so if one has power they all do.
good luck, with your lamp. i think the wire fell off or the sender gave up the ghost.

hit control +F5 (refresh)
see "oil lamp fails to glow"

i added the other links to other existing pages, I had for all lamps and gauges.
Thanks, you're right, the sender is bad. Now I'm trying to decide about whether to just replace it or go with the cluster gauge set you mention on your web site. I have been using your info to diagnose a miriad of problems with this sidekick. It had been sitting in the Arizona sun for 8 years. Your web site is such a rich wealth of help. Thank you so much.
1992 Sidekick, 4 door, 4-spd automatic, 1.6 L, 16 V, MPI
your welcome
and don't forget the Fsm
its fun to rescue these 4x4 cars.


and my fsm error page

good luck !
Passed emissions today and now licenced, ready for fun. Yippee!
1992 Sidekick, 4 door, 4-spd automatic, 1.6 L, 16 V, MPI
wow , great job, you did , be proud.
cheers !
another track-kick lives !
I wish i was sitting in the arizona sun for 8 year hahahaha pennsylvania sucks

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