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oil leak in rear of engine
I'm looking for a leak in a sidekick I just bought (94 5pd 8v 2wd) and I'm working my way through things (easy to hard starting with VC and distributor O rings) and now I removed the flywheel dust cover to see if it was the rear main seal.

I read one of your posts on the Suzuki-forums that the rear main seal leak would make the flywheel soaked in oil. My flywheel is dry but behind it the bottom inside of the housing, behind the flywheel is caked in oil.

did I just misunderstand what you meant, or is this really an indication that it is not the rear main seal?


I've learned a lot from your posts and your site. Thanks.
on the 5sp there is this hidden mostly vent on the top of the bell housing that lets the VC and dizzy, put oil there, and makes it look all the world like, the main rear seal leaks.
lots of folks have pulled engines 2 times, replacing seals, at the crank, and it just don't leak..... sad to see that..

the rear seal bad would make, the front side of the fly wet.
and dont forgot other times the dizzy leaked ,. that oil will be left there, as a reminder of the past.

the dizzy seals, both base and shaft love to leak. and drip here
btw2: Felpro makes Viton grade rear seal for the , serious. if it did leak the fly wheel could not avoid getting soaked, see this...photo

[Image: engine-rear1.jpg]

see end 4 photos.

and thanks for the nice photo. !

here is what a leaking DIZZy can do. all this mess. and VC

[Image: 0-uglytranny.jpg]
Hello chris, congrats on your recently purchased Sidekick. I had the same symptoms on my Tracker, mine had the inspection/dust cover at the flywheel missing when I bought it. I bought a new cover from lowrangeoffroad, when I was ready to put it on I noticed the old oil sitting in there. I held off with installing the cover and replaced the distributor o-rings and valve cover gasket, cleaned the oil off the flywheel housing the best I could and continued driving it for a while, inspected it once a week to see if more oil came down, I did not see any more oil for a few months so I just installed the new cover I bought.
1996 Geo Tracker, CAMI, 16 valve, 5sp, 4x4, soft top, 2 door, no a/c
my photos were done, taking 2 , 5speed tranny to make one good and tranny build kit.

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