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Need O2 sensor P/N
Well, I can't tell how to remove a liner if it has one. Is there some illustration that you have access to that would help me determine where the liner is located and how to remove it? The TSB only shows the downpipe with a small bolted-on heat shield on the outside.
1992 Sidekick, 4 door, 4-spd automatic, 1.6 L, 16 V, MPI
its long gone, (sorry no photos. most went bad 20 years ago, and nobody felt like photo'ing then..., lost in the sands of time, with only 1 TSB as a clue)
please be aware all this oddness, is EPA required, anti smog devices, it's runs red hot and burns up gas while a dead cold cat is present, at cold engine start.
it's weak design and idea..., and loves to melt and blow out (crack,split. and self destruct too)
others see it there, (saw it log ago) and just rip it out, what was left or blocking paths. if blocking the exhaust.
if pipe does its job, let it be. (unless $300 new pipe from suzuki is in the cards)

good luck to you!
i think your car runs a type 3 sensor
per next post. page.
using red-blue variant
i made a new table, called unified, all we need now is just one table, I HOPE !

I'm hoping it covers all 10 years, !


and revised

im no expert on faulty , head pipes.
just use your basic , skills
a: is this thing blocking my exhaust flow, ?

thanks for those photos. first ones ive ever seen on the internet... most are rotted away to nothing now... 23 years old...

in fact , i think yours is the TSB upgraded header.
if it looks like all the metal inside is TOUGH , then it is. newer upgrade..

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