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Ignition wire stuck
My #2 ignition wire is stuck in the spark plug well. I mean stuck; I spent several minutes pulling on it and it didn't move one bit (does spin though). Does anyone have any ideas on how to non-destructively remove this wire? I'm doing the t belt, so replacing the wires now is probably a good idea (also 60k), but I don't want to destroy the old ones before I have a replacement.

On a side note, why do the wires need to be replaced at 60k? What makes them go bad?
no t , non destructively, the boot inside is welded to the spark insulator (melted and bonded) . time for a nice set of bosch, mag wires. use the tiny spot of dielectric grease on tip of boot
for next time. this grease is sold in all autostores in $1 packets. at the cash reg.

the insulation on the old wires, break down from sitting on a 200f engine. and oil, and dirt. and all that, its like a perfect torture, environ.
There are no wires sets made that last 300,000 miles. life of typ. engine. most fail before 60k,.
the new wires use better, materials, "silicon rubber and other fancy stuff"
if carb string in inside those are just crap. pure cheap junk.
them mag wires, are sst, wound coils in side, last for ever that, and only the insulation, is a factor, NGK makes the best , Bosch 2nd but finding NGKs for G16B engines can be hard.
Thanks, this makes a lot of sense. (My first thought was "What could possibly go wrong with a wire?")

Probably time for new wires anyway, I think POs did not replace for a long time.

And thanks for the tip about the grease. Never would have thought of that
1993 4 door JX 16v fed manual all stock
spark wire have never ever lasted 300k miles or the life of any engine, its all listed in the tune up section, all parts that need service before, end of life.
i have this nice video of Duane the ASE master, using tin foil and showing how owners or life time spark wires , are not so life time. (lights out, oh look here, see all this sparks jumping from the sides of wires, this is fail time then test 2, he sprays water on wires, running, car stalls. (even foggy days this happens big time, all for the lack of a simple tune up.)

the insulation breaks down 3 ways, oil, heat, dirt, and High voltage break down.

HV voltage does that to ALL things. it moves atoms, both metal and plastic.

when i buy a used car, all 60k listed items are done, i assume the PO did not, 90% they dont, the on real old cars, %100
cap, rotor ,wires, plugs.
all fluilds.
i have shop air and a needle gun tip tool, i jam it in my spark boot hole and blast out the boot, on COP coils this is a god send. they love to stick. (not lubed)

my comments in red

[Image: scheduleBw.jpg]

some even buy a new engine
avoiding that list.
sad to watch.
I was trying to figure out which of the 60k POs had not done, but I think I'll just do it all at this point, no reason to risk failure. I took a closer look at the wiring, and the insulation isn't in great shape. It could only look worse on the inside I imagine. Also, one of the connections was burned (the metal part), is this a normal? Or is something wrong if this happens?
1993 4 door JX 16v fed manual all stock
damage is unlimited, only photos help the blind see that.
post photos of damage to gallery.

you talking the HV wire set or other low voltage primary wiring?
I finally got a picture. Not the best camera though, so it's a little blurry. But what the picture shows is a coating of black stuff, with some orange and blue discoloration of the metal on the edges. It's the wire that goes from the ignition coil to the distributor.

1993 4 door JX 16v fed manual all stock
are you running old carbon wires?
or new mag wires.?

the end there is , subject to 3,000 to 50,000 volts
and can get dirty , but usually is just , some silicon grease there that got ugly, no big deal, that. it cleans off
the carbon wires suck, I hate them. they are only good for 1 thing, dirt cheap cars, sold. have them. to save costs and boost profits.
by some bosch mag wires.

the carbon wire, has this silly staple ,that interfaces the carbon string, a silly thing that is.
but the mag wires have real nice metal to metal terminators.

your photo looks like and old set. and old cheap set.
but i can be wrong, the photo is blurry and not looped to see makers name an pn.

this suzuki loves mag wires. not only are the great but the insulation is 10x better, and last way longer.
they are worth every penny spent, for sure saving fuel, really it pays back cash in fuel.

mostly this is first thing i change out
its part of a major tune up,
most cars , it was never done, ever, or not in 100K to 150k miles.
they are end of life. non last the life of car or the engine.
These were old Bosch wires (PN 9360), beyond their useful life. They cost the PO $91 at a shop! I was worried that the burn marks might mean greater problems than old wires, but it sounds like this isn't the case.

The best price for a new Bosch set (4dr) I found was $23. Anyone else who wants one can buy it at:

1993 4 door JX 16v fed manual all stock
those were great wires

if there is burning there that is not good, discolored great , can be just cleaned off, i cant really see it clearly. that wire to coil is the heavy hitter,.

mag wire.
EPDM center,
silicone outer, to stop oil and heat damage.

and are very inexpensive wires. not near 90;.


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