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failed smog because of fuel evap leak
I have recently replaced engine on 1995 Sidekick and failed smog test. All emissions were within norm but evap test failed. The test guy told that evap line was leaking. I have not touched eval line when replacing the engine, but I checked the evap canister and all lines and they looked sound. I started looking for possible other causes: checked tank pressure valve by blowing into it - it opens after I blow a little harder, checked voltage on evap canister purge valve - it's zero all the time, can it be the root cause? I also discovered some valve/sensor on the intake that my previous engine doesn't have (pictures are attached         ]). It had a plastic finger which was broken and a hole was there. It sucked air through that hole and engine worked unstable, so I plugged it with a piece of eraser. Can this be the root cause? Thank you!

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failed smog because of fuel evap leak - by vidas - 01-11-2016, 04:13 AM

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