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Doesn't idle, hesitated, codes 14,21,45,53
Hi, I saw your webpage and have been using it to help guide me in fixing my 1993 Suzuki sidekick. Lately its been idling really weird, it will either idle around 1500 rpm or it will just drop down to about nothing and wanna just stall out on me. When you take it down the road it will hesitate really bad and you can hardly get it over 30mph. I've also noticed its running extremely rich and I am getting only 15 mpgs. Ive replaced and check numerous different things and nothing has seemed to help. Here is the list of things I've done:
New fuel pump, tank, fuel filter
pcv valve
air filter
ECT sensor
TPS sensor ( new and was calibrated)
New spark plugs
Distributor and cap
New timing belt
replaced Egr gasket
replaced throttle body gasket
cleaned the ISC
cleaned IAC
On top of that I am still getting codes 14, 45, 53, and 21. Once again I have a 1993 suzuki sidekick jx 16 valve. I would greatly appreciate any advice or tips you could give as you seem to be an expert on these old suzukis. Thank you! R
edit: for got to say reset the Errors first , then drive and see if they come back, it can take a fuel miles for some.... (pulling dome fuse, resets the ECU, errors) easy .
All ecu's runs catastrophic monitors (tests full time).
that find, dead open and dead shorted sensors. it never lies about this! )well, if you pull sensors with the key on, it will store those errors, how could it not?).
Most those errors.. cause:
This causes ECU to drop to limphome mode, Sucks gas like demon, (rich and retarded spark and rpm cap, and idle controls off line) a lil' horror that driving. flooding, black tipped spark plugs and that nasty black cloud stink and red hot CAT. and more....

0v is shorted (sensor line)
5v is dead open line. (cut line) ECU sees both FAST if true. it does this quite well and fast.
your ground wire is open

14= ECT disconnect < it has only 2 wires.
45= Idle switch in TPS failed. (it must ground at idle (0v) or fails this. or the ground to TPS is cut. can cause a double TPS failure,
53= EGRT sensor dead open.
21= TPS throttle angle pin , stuck high, for same reason all above the lost GROUND each of the above share.

the ground wires to each in a funny way,,, ( I cant predict that. as ive never unwrapped a whole harness end to end.. be pain that.
but is wire in odd way,, one of the 5 sensors ground has damage , the one with damage kills the other DOWN THE LINE.
it that simple.

my ECT drawing shows that.

from poster last week, same problem
YOUR GRAY-YELLOW wire is cut.
[Image: fail1.jpg]

the full drawing is here (see that ground structure, that drawing is made to be pretty, the actual ground jump are different."order")

no side can run right with DTC errors, none.,
and your is the worst of the worst and only a simple cut wire,,,,,
if the ground breaks near ECU all 5 sensors go DEAD.... (they are all still good ) but the ECU cant SEE THEM.
Okay, so I went through all the wires and everything seems to check out good! I happened to reset the codes and now I am only getting code 45, which happens to be the tps sensor....but I just replaced it....so I don't know what is going on
you paid $200 for a new TPS.,??? i hope not.
the ecu checks each sensor, constantly, key on and running,
un ending, and some take driving hard to get. set. (Failed)
so when it says 45s, that does not mean a sensor is bad.
only that it reads wrong, and that is wires bad,
its just 3 parts here.
sensor. (that most be calibrated after removal)

93 16v

the fsm pages are there too


page 2

if set too loose (gap) the engine will hesitate
if too tight, the engine will not have idle controls.
it has to be calibrated to work right. on all 89 to 1998 suz.

the code you have now, means the idle switch pin is not calibrated, did you just swap it in and not calibrate it?
when the engine is at idle. the switch is closed. and at 0 volts.
if not zero volts,the ECU complains, and can not control idle. , like that.

you can not just throw on a TPS.
pull the dome fuse to reset all DTC errors. is the best way.
also if you pull sensors wires, with the key on , it will store all those errors. so dont do that or use the DOME fuse to erase them...
here is the TPS calibration.

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