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Did I bend the valves?
Hello all,

I have a 98 Suzuki Sidekick 4X4 1.8L DOHC (J20 engine) that I've been working on the past 6 months.

j18 (or 20s) No lash adjusters or rockers; its got bucket HLA lifters.
your doing great, and you discovered HALF mast.
90 degrees CW from TDC 1-4 is all pistons are now half way or or down. for sure valve can not hit here, no way.

the book assumes the take down is not a slipped chain, and step 2 says to align all marks before take down.
here is cheap fsm clone of book. its not great.


what you do and they dont say is,
if found way off, amazing, they didnt think of that.....LOL
in the factory im sure the cams are locked, in the 2 match mark cam locations, called knock pins. Exhaust at 4pm , intake at 6pm (aligned
then they drop the head with crank at key up, match mark down
then lay on the chains as seen in FSM.
but what if head is on, and it hits. ..... ahhhhhhhhh the fun,, but we can do it.

so chains off.
crank at 1/2 mast, as you now have, it.
what you do, is sneak up on the the cam.
crank at 90deg. (as yours is, now, half mast.) crank is now safe.
turn each cam so that you can get both cams at I-4pm and E-8 PM (knock pins) pointing to head marks.
this is easy now, the cams can not hit pistons with all 4 pistons 1/2 way.
last move the crank CCW back to key up , and match mark down(clog mark)
it should go.
put back the chains with blue and yell plates pre book

when rotating the crank after all is assembled, and the marks dont come back ,that means one of he keys is missing and slips.
keys or knockpins bad.
it must come back or engine will grenade.

after is timed and holds time by hand, run a leak down test, on each cylinder this proves valves are not bent.
im assuming you are just replacing a noisy chain.
good luck to you !

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