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Brake Bracket
any advice on how to get my brake bracket off? weld broke on #21, i have pulled so much stuff out...it wont clear the firewall studs. im starting to panic.

think i figured it out....pull the brake booster....i feel like a dumbass. i disconnected and pulled SO much from under the drivers dash. and my hair, LOL
yes, the booster. , we have the list of steps.
it's in the 96 free fsm


hope you fix all the broken metal there , no problems
I could not find in the fsm, I tried there first. thank you. I got it out last night, no shortage f welders in town so shouldn't b a prob. I can't thank you enough. I actually dnt have splines on the other side, it's a square so I'm might not have had to pull the bracket. least no possibility of stripage THERE.
sorry not sure whats broken , exactly
yes, some things in the book are assumed never to brake
but pedal is covered, chapter, 5 , page 15
but my guess, its not a pedal break ?
my guess is the whole pedal assumbly needed to be pulled.
and the booster MC are part of that job. yes.
and is not covered in the FSM, (gm) but my be in real suzuki fsm.
glad you found the way.

21 must be here

the clutch pages also cover this. in fsm how to remove just a pedal 21, not brake 13. as its covered in brakes.

[Image: 91MT-pedals.JPG]

slide show of the parts. is here. and common damage
many contributors....

#21 pedel at the point where it meets the shaft, the exact point on your diagram where the red arrow is, that weld that broke.
I could find evrything bout the brake pedel but not that bracket in fsm and your pages. I had already taken brake pedal off....piece f cake after figuring out that I needed to pull the booster. now putting my mess back together, that's going to be a trickSmile

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