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95 s/k w/ stuck turn signal
hello first time sidekick on owner just purchased 95. 91 K runs great JX 2 door or 4x4..
I haven't had any problem with it until this morning when the right turn signal stayed on solid and will not shut off even with the key off both right side bulbs are iluminated and so is the indicator on the dash. I located and replaced the flasher but that did not help. Do you think it is a turn signal switch problem. Or are there 2 flashers
one flasher, on combo.
first off the key switch kills power to the turn/back fuse.
so that means the keyswitch shorted , or the car is wired wrong. (trailer lights , did you remove the rear tails lens and look for transgressions? hacking?
if the wipers are dead key off, you see by the schematic above, that the key switch is not bad.

so where is this short.?
going back to my schematic page, you see this. , this shows it all. related.

try pulling the hazard fuse. but that sends power to all lamps. front and rear flash.

if you pull blink and hazard fuses, and the lamps still glow, that is a gross wiring hack. 12v shorted to right side.
Okay can't explain why but heres what I know. Last week I unplugged an extension.
For the trailer lights I read a post a out trailer lights so I plugged it in and some how this cured the problem
I appreciate your response and you count on me asking more questions.
the left rear tail light, remove this lens, see the official suzuki trailer connector, you have custom wiring here, #1 reason of your symptoms.
buy unplugging that trailer conn, the wiring goes back to stock. every time.

one of the connections is 12v, so of the PO (prev. owner shorted that to right side, bingo)

glad you are solved. happy trails !

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