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91 tracker seat belt lite glows when you turn on headlights
Not always but enough that the PO put tape over the spot where the seatbelt lite is haha..
sometime it just flashes and goes off, sometimes stays lit.. but only when turn on headlites.. any thoughts?? tommie
cute seller, but very common.
to be truthful , im surprised any 22 year old car has belt warnings working.> LOL !

the logic for this is inside the unit called the WAC , your wac is out of WACK. lOL 2.
the full schematic is here, see page.12 here PDF page 12, warning alarm controller.
7 wires, but 2 are power. it beeps when unhappy.
pin 1 is is seat belt. and when you CLICK IT, the switch grounds pin 1. and the buzzing stops and the lamp goes out.
pin 2 is head light monitor, if you turn off engine and exit car, the buzzer , makes noise. Lights left on. in fact its parking lights left on, or both .
pin 3 is seat belt output for the lamp. (im not sure all conditions its glows, i never paid attention to it, cept for belts)
pin 4 is key is inserted logic input. (buzzes with exit from car , key left in car)
pin 5 is ign 12v.
pin 6 is left door switch ( you exited car,)
pin 7 is ground.

if the seat lamp goes on , the belt switch is bad, if buckled up. or bad switch ground wire. conn.
im not sure why the HL effects belts at all, unless pin 5 is open? cut ,fell off?
ok the key buzzer NO WORK
seatbelt buzzer NO WORK never.. except lite flashes at will....when it wants to????

BUT headlite buzzer WORKS ///BUT??? ONLY when key is on run...and door open..

I attempted to find the wacky waked WAC but couldn't exactly locate it from the beep beep beep but I suspect someone tried to 'do something' to make the key buzzer stay off. or similar..

my motto is " it's always something easy, you just gotta find it hhaha..

altho the wac may be wacked as you mentioned huh... i might find it after checking ( with digital meter of course) all the inputs and powers/ground etc..

i might find it and check the solder joints.. i've repaired many a pc boards with cold solder joints in myt ime.

I'll keep you posted to my progress, i LIKE a headlite warning and the key warning... i'm very forgetful in my old age (61)

......20+ years in GM pontiac dealership flate rate engine management/specialized electronics/ etc etc etc... whew.... glad to b out of that mess huh???
it is most likely the most simple of failure, cut wires, bad connections. and yes, me too , I dont miss the daily grind.
we dont have full set of logic rules on this device.

but the buzzer is shared, so all other logical buzzer active signals must be set false first. key switch. and drivers door are 2 inputs that must set to false .
then if the device has power?
that seatbelt switch needs to be either working or defeated. page 12, D8 (warning alarm controller or the WAC) that PDF covers your whole car. electrics.

the seatbelt in alarm is normal, and is the first thing to defeat if not wanting to fix it. it wins the buzzer over, make all other inputs, useless.
to defeat seatbelt part is easy , just ground the ground pin 1 on the wAc.
I think the key switch is mandatory for the HL warning ? if not sure, set the key switch to the false state and retest. (best is to fix the key switch)
the key switch pin 4 im sure has an internal pull down resistor on this input. this sets the alarm false, naturally, and then you insert the key and pin 4 goes to 12v.
so to defeat the key switch , just cut the wire to pin 4, (but i think this kills the HL logic)

HL logic? power good, pin 4 (12v) and 7 (grd)
AND HL (park ) hot, pin 2 (park)
AND door open, (switch is grounded, now at 0v) (and dome light glowing. if its switch set to normal door mode)
AND key line not active. if active key wins pin4 (0v) (im not sure what the WAC does when there are 2 alarms, my guess here is the key always wins.
im pretty sure the HL warning is a 3 line logic "AND" gate. HL_on + Key_off + door_open (12v,0v, 0v) (true, true, true,in logic)

yes, i added a hl warning to a 57chev as a kid, i too hate dead batteries. ( wired to HL and ignition hot wire) see page 19 for that working on a kick, with WAC long ago missing.)

good luck to you.
THANKs. I havent crawled myself under there to look. VISUAL checks are first eh? somebody has done something hehehehe to be sure!
it's and old car, never seen one , not hacked or age failed. never seen any 91 with out 10 prev. owner ignored fails.
yes, all elect. fails. the first thing is fuses then wires checked for damage or hacking.
we've seen PO (prev owners) run car with windshield cracks and water leakage (got a rag top? like mine?) and this water causes all connectors below to fail, (corrosion)
seen this many times. on these cars. (lots of rag tops sold and long ago bad.)

pull conn? see green? oops.
found module. checked power and ground.. B+ on power and ground good..BUT ground wire to body shows 150 ohms..I know voltage check is best.. it is what it is.
now all of a sudden guess what. key buzzer works hahaha.. pins look very nice no hacking on it..mayby minut corrosion on it? any way the HEADLITE ALARM works now like this:

key on door closed car running.
shut of car take key out leave headlits on.. BEEEEPPPP works now??

it only works if you cycle the key to RUN first.. it will not work just leaveing headlits on and open the door???
key had to be in run then off.. for alarm to work.

I'm getting closer to a discovery here... maybe today i find something hehhehe
i think they allows, and emergency mode. , like, you call 911, and tell em' look for car with HL on. (extra logic inside. does that), my kick had DRL and is even more strange, it even sees sun up or down.
the fsm shows all ground in the back of the book, it shows everyone, including in the harness page.

i think there are 2 grounds, near, one in left side, of dash and one center.

FSM is easy to find, Geos are the most easy
well since i had it out now all works except the seatbelt lit/buzzer hahha. all is good the HL alarm works and the key buzer works. I'm done until something else happens.. it was one o those fixes i dunno what happened but unplugging and replugging a 22 yr old connector sometimes heelps
old connectors get funky, true.
good luck to you.

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