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'91 Sammy runs rough
Hey guys, good to be here. I have a '91 Sammy that is mostly stock, better bumpers and tires and a short top is about it. Pretty rusty but I use it on my 5 acres to run between the house and the shop, pick up dead limbs, pull the sand drag on the driveway, etc. It's a fine little buggy for my needs.

Recently it's begun running rough (fresh plugs sometimes helps a little) so I took off the TPS and sprayed fader lube into it and put it back and for a day or so it was perfect then started acting up again. BUT, it idles just fine and from what I've read that doesn't sound like a bad TPS.

It does have an engine light and I do have a scanner, but I haven't figured out how to hook it up to the sammy to read codes.

OK, that's about it, y'all can pile on now.


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