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4x4 Front Seals
I'm getting ready to replace front bearings on my 1990 4x4 Tracker. Figured I'd go ahead and replace the axles and seals while I'm in there. 

I found a bunch of really good info regarding the bearings and various parts numbers but didn't run across a list of all of the seals involved from the Front diff to the hub. The kid at the parts store doesn't come off as very confident he's looking at the right seals or not. If anyone has already compiled a list of the seals / part numbers and could reply with a link I'd really appreciate it. 

Thanks in advance
Disregard. I kept digging and found it.


As always, thanks for all of the valuable info you've collected and shared with us. It's people like you that help keep the shared passion for these little rigs possible.


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