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2008 Chevrolet Vitara 3 doors
Hi everyone, I am seriously thinking in buying a 2008 16v Vitara in Ecuador since I plan to spend more time down there in the next couple of years. My question is, can someone guide me in the right direction on how to figure out what kind of scanner I need to diagnose issues on the Ecuadorean made Vitara? I know for a fact the ODB2 scanners we use in the US are not compatible. I asked a few mechanics in Ecuador about it but none seem very knowledgeable about the subject.
1996 Geo Tracker, CAMI, 16 valve, 5sp, 4x4, soft top, 2 door, no a/c
are you sure?
the only way to know is to try it.
OBD2 is a usa invention, when each maker decides to do that, is there CALL. if ever. or EOBD or JOBD, or?
if ever at all. 100% market decisions.

why not just look for the 16pin connector above right knee.?
then document the pins not unpopulated and not.
usually this works. well.

the hood sticker will be a clue, maybe.??? most times not, because there is no law that says they must.
or get the ECU part number.?
or buy the FSM that matches this car perfectly.
from Ecuador, SUZUKI, parts counter.

for sure this, is the $64,000 question, in most countries they upgraded by 2006 but Ecuador is their own master.
as you may not know, this can vary by engine option.
size , gas or diesel.
id go with the connector, post a photo of if close.

some cars work with any OBD2 tool
but needs a cable , crossover. just a plug and wires. (they dont use uSA OBD2 connector spec)

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