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2001 Chevy Tracker J20A Engine Issues
I am new here and have not had luck finding any information online and was hoping I could get some clarification on some things about my tracker.

First some background on me, I am Master Certified Auto Technician for almost 20 years, have scan tool, dvom, all the tools I could possible need, so I know my way around vehicles.

Now the tracker, 4wd, 4d automatic.  all maintenance  has been done, fluids plugs, etc.  The first problem is when cold it idles very high, about 1500 to 1600 rpm.  Is this normal?  can I adjust this?

Next issue is poor heat in the cabin, blower works fine, new cabin filters, only getting about 140 degrees from the ducts and just does not warm the cabin very well.  The lower rad hose also is cold even after a long drive.  Temp never get above 190 on scan tool and electric fan only ever runs if I run the a/c in the summer time.  Replaced, water pump and thermostat, pump was leaking, got wrong thermostat first time installed correct one, upper and lower hoses, timing chain and all components, Evergreen off of amazon.   Also new temp sensor, shotgunSmile, and HO2 sensor 1, code for heater.  New intake temp sensor cause it would only read 47 degrees F max.  Also swapped out MAF and TPS from junkyard for shits and giggles.  Have Poor MPG also but i think its cause of low compression, have about 120 to 130 psi across the cylinders, if I add oil it goes up slightly.  Mostly city driving, about 16.5 in winter and 19 in summer with a/c running. 

Thank you for listening to my rant and hope if anyone can help me I will be able to return the favor.

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2001 Chevy Tracker J20A Engine Issues - by Michael260 - 12-13-2019, 06:54 PM

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