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1996 FSM found again.
Free Manuals of many kinds, stored in places, world wide.
first is suzuki, has manuals to read on line for 4 bucks.
seen here suzuki pitstop
click automotive, then year, and sidekick.  (1982 to 2013 USA)

and SY418  here 1999 (means ESTEEM sedan) SV418 is sidekick J18 SPORT. SE code is old G16 body like SE416
and these.

FREE For 10 years now. still there, PDF get it keep the PDF's
the newest AckFaq FSM site,is missing only 4 chapters in the 1996 project FSM.  

this is 96 G16 but AC covers both J18 and G16 it says so.

4 chapters missing are here:
Volume 2, Section 6e3-A Part 1 to 4,    Fuel Injection VIN 6 OBD2
part 1, to 4 are missing above in volume 2.

The  Wayback Machine (to ACTSFAQ) finds them all even the 4 missing pages with hard work, trying many dates. 


MORE FREE: manuals>
OTHER POSTERS  have found and posted this  link to some FSM manuals for the Trackicks ( J/E non USA)
Thank you poster !!!


and lots of good users guides.

if you need a chapter ask me, I might be able to dig it up. USA only other countries, have more engines and different EFI, smog , lighting and MORE.

[Image: PdJwzK7.jpg]
The fixkick site is certainly useful. It was part of the reason I chose to get a Tracker.
You go into the details like no one else.
hope it gets you out of jam.

omg, the gallery is GONE,  fell in to the black hole of byte bucket, not sure why at all but happened with the new BBS engine, gallery is now dead (what a great loss that)
new page. 96-98, upgraded dash view ,
the AC AMP module on the car is and ADD ON harness and does not show up in the main harness view here.
but   non the less here it is..... near 24 (from a real Suzuki parts list drawings)
[Image: dG2rkMf.jpg]
J18 AC harness is not the same as G16 AC.

it is this. the factory AC harness is and ADD on to stock harness.  ties in the fender fuse box to with AC fuse in the fender box.
folks ask me where is the other AC fused, and the answer is clearly here in the EPC. watch out for rubber black covers, hiding things to keep out rain and dust.
the switch here is a AC only thermal overtemp switch for engine. trips at 235f  12vdc on the pin is TRIPPED

[Image: YVjqaEK.jpg]

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