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1993 Sidekick 16 valve DTC 24
Last week my sidekick started bogging badly and acted like it ran out of fuel. Fired back up and was weak on power but limped it home. Replaced the fuel filter and pulled the dome fuse to reset. CEL came back on but it ran pretty good all day yesterday. Today it is bogging again and acting like its in limp home mode. It is running very rich and does not want to rev quick at all. I pulled the codes at lunch today and the only thing that flashed was #24 any ideas on where to start would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!! This site is the only reason my sidekick is still on the road!!!!!
im so glad it is on road and happy to help.

the dash cluster speedo sensor is dead, id say the speedo cable fell off
this speedo and odometer dead.?

if it has symptoms in neutral, it not just the VSS bad ,if weak engine power.

usually code 24 is not causing limphome mode.
sounds to me , too high fuel pressure.?

24 Usually causes, the ECU to not be able to calculate engine loads well with 0 mph all the time.
for instance the ecu never knows what gear you are in. so...
it uses the MAF to calc. fueling and MPH (VSS) to calc, load on engine, and injects more fuel (accelerating) based on those to and engine RPM.
for sure ,VSS is an important sensor.

what tranny is ths car? have.

the 1996 does go to limphome with vss dead . not sure on your 1993.

on my 2004 (fsm) shows.
VSS bad , set to 10km/hour. IAC limited air. (limits speed and idle air.)

suzuki docs are weak here. vague.

what trans?

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