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Driver window slop.... - cosmic_splatter - 09-03-2014


When I rollup the drivers window, it seems to tilt forward about 1/2" and then bind about 2 inches from the top unless I push up on the forward end of the window to keep it tracking properly into the window seal.

Is there a part I can replace or an adjustment I can make to correct this issue? I haven't taken the door skin off yet to see what is happening. My guess is something is broken or worn out inside the door mechanism.


RE: Driver window slop.... - fixkick - 09-03-2014

on my 91 , it did this same thing,
there was a clip ,missing , (a suz. kudge) on the front top of window frame.
ill see if i can show it.
i find mine missing, on the right it was there this weird clip. a bumper is what it is.
I could not buy a new one because, no dealer knew what it was.
so got one off a wrecked car.

see the yellow arrow.
[Image: the-dang-clip.JPG]

RE: Driver window slop.... - cosmic_splatter - 09-03-2014

I have the bumper in place. My issue seems to be internal. Occasionally it seems like it will miss a gear while rolling up the window since the window is flopping a bit inside. Mainly it tilts and does not go up evenly. I have to help the front of the window go up.

May need to take everything apart and see what's going on. Perhaps there is a screw that needs tightening. That would be great! But, things never seem that easy.


RE: Driver window slop.... - fixkick - 09-03-2014

bad guides.
door cards off time.\

my guess is a guide is bad, or no longer mounted

RE: Driver window slop.... - cosmic_splatter - 09-03-2014

Is a door guide a junk yard part only?

RE: Driver window slop.... - cosmic_splatter - 09-08-2014

I had an air noise on the window. I watched a youtube video that said to try a silicone on the rubber to soften it and better seal the window. That seemed to work, but what happened is that the silicone became a little sticky and was grabbing the window in the front as I rolled it up. I cleaned it up a bit and window is now rolling up normally.

I did learn the cool trick from the FSM on how to remove the crank handle. You use a rag and run it back and forth at the base of the crank. Unbelievable, the little retainer clip pops right out! Very cool!


RE: Driver window slop.... - fixkick - 09-08-2014

post 5
all parts are subject to discovery from suzuki or GM?
all you need is a part number.
and if you look online. you see on line, both online views, lack all the diagrams. that means you cant see what you need.
this is classic Suz, bs.
they have no excuse, the paper catalogs all have the drawings, they just got lazy. for the on line presentation
but i do have that. so if you need part, just ask and i can give it to you with links.

RE: Driver window slop.... - cosmic_splatter - 09-09-2014

I'm surprised that nobody has taken the paper documents and created pdf's.

RE: Driver window slop.... - fixkick - 09-09-2014

its grueling work
to unbind a parts cat. then scan them all front to back.
I have the gm ufiche flims, for the whole geo. series. very expensive to scan that, quoted over $100 for each 3 fiche. (film to pdf)

and now what suzuki is changing p/n, omg. what's next

RE: Driver window slop.... - Vitalie - 09-10-2014

My experience is that my windows rattle badly if rolled half way or just a bit down. I can see that there is to much play between the panel and the door probably from age. I was wondering if there are any adjustment or something that can fix it?