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RE: EGR stall test question - zukitrek - 08-22-2014

OK I'll try to get a hold of a USA FSM for my years.

No, my MAIN is already clean (3 times). But is OK, I'll let you know my findings and you will have new photos of procedures and other things I discover.

Take care.

RE: EGR stall test question - hatchetman - 08-22-2014

ebay has lots of tracker books
but no suzuki, get a tracker. its not hard. 94 or 95 only.

see my new conditions section see if it looks good.???

RE: EGR stall test question - zukitrek - 08-23-2014

Thanks. Today is the day of the truth!! Hehehe. Mani comes out tonight.

I'll keep you posted.

RE: EGR stall test question - zukitrek - 08-25-2014

Sir quad ports cleaned and tested. Stall test passed!!!! Actually engine died!! Will post pics of the things I did. Took me about 6 hours like you said. Thanks!!!

RE: EGR stall test question - fixkick - 08-25-2014

great !!!!
what are the size of those quad ports.?
ouch, its no fun and the bolts down low, very hard.

im so glad for you;.

RE: EGR stall test question - zukitrek - 08-25-2014

Actually I had fun. I really did not measure them but an average size nipple from a vacuum T would not fit. I did not have a plan but everything went smooth. Had to go radical to clean them out in the best possible way. Just when I thought they were clean more crap came out!!

What had to be done.

LOts and lots of carb cleaner were used as well as degreaser. I fitted the red straw with a piece of hose a T fitting and tried inserting them in each port but it was not working.    

Left it soaking overnight to think over what could be done.

I also cleaned TB. Thoroughly and made sure the nipple on top was not blocked(it was!!)    


Next day after reading that JBweld works on aluminum I said Voila!! Drill time!!

This approach was really my savior. There was no way in the World that I could have cleaned them out without doing this. I had a long thin metal scraper that I inserted thru the opposite side of the EGR port    
and from there and the underside drills     I had complete access to all ports. Then came the spraying, scrapping, hosing, scraping, spraying, hosing, well you get the idea. Afterwards all I had to do was get some slightly oversize screws dipped with JB Weld threaded them in and voila, brand new manifold with unclogged quad ports and EGR passages! Thanks for all your help. I have other pics and videos of the head passage cleaning.

RE: EGR stall test question - fixkick - 08-25-2014

thanks for sharing

you opened all paths. not easy to do all that.
that first photo. of the injector, is that a whte, plastic tip on that cleaner nozzle.?
seems about 1mm or 3/16" diameter?

those bottom drilling hole, could be tapped, and insert say, 8 or 10-32, screws.
welsh plugs.


RE: EGR stall test question - zukitrek - 08-25-2014

Good mornig sir. This is the nipple i tried inserting on the ports. As you can see is about 3/16 of an inch.    
This nipple did fit in the hole. The other nipple I mentioned that did not fit was a little bit bigger. Anyways this did not help much as the blockage was worst. Here are the other pics of the drillings sealed with the screws and JB Weld.        

Now to work on that tranny. did you get to see my last post on the late shifting thread?


RE: EGR stall test question - fixkick - 08-25-2014

thanks for sharing.
not yet, will look now


i cant find it.

RE: EGR stall test question - zukitrek - 08-26-2014

I did not need to tap as my screws were a little bit bigger (i hoard every screw I remove or find, just in case you might need it). I then dipped the tips in JB Weld and also the drill opening. Then I just created the thread as I screwed them in. I thought about just replacing the welsh plug but I was working sunday and did not think I would find a place to get it?

This is the Late now no run tranny shift issue: