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Alternator Bolt? - Vitalie - 04-11-2014

Hi there.
I got one more problem. I was checking my accessory belts as they were e squeaking at start up and I found that my Alternator bottom long bolt snap right the end where the nut tightens. Now is basically just like that.

Autozone sold me some c**p no surprise it dose not fit.

All the dealers I called it is discontinued.

Can you help me buy it from suzuki I tried but could not find it.

thanks a lot

RE: Alternator Bolt? - fixkick - 04-11-2014

sure, what part exactly
the alt, bottom long bolt. pivot bolt, sure.
there are 2, both at bottom, one front and one rear. and both are same size. m8? (you can buy better bolts at many good stores)
the mount is threaded.

the orig. stock bolt p/n is..

and was superseded to 015500825A

RE: Alternator Bolt? - Vitalie - 04-11-2014


ok I see.
Well, mine instead of the 2 #5 bolts from the picture above I had only one long one that went all the way through. Probably previous repair creative touch.
Now it make sense why you saying 2 bolts as I was a bit confused.


RE: Alternator Bolt? - fixkick - 04-11-2014

he stripped out the mount. so that was his fix.
ill look up the cost of the mount.



RE: Alternator Bolt? - Vitalie - 04-12-2014

I just put 2 bolts and hope to hold it.
Thanks for help realizing the modification.

RE: Alternator Bolt? - fixkick - 04-12-2014

yes, if the treads are stripped, try 2 bolts and 2 nuts. only hard part is reaching all 4 points at once to tighten them.
good luck to you.