1989 to 1998 Injector seal kits USA !: (full)  MPI and TBI both covered:   

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This page has 2 chapters,  First Chapter 1, MPI 16v  (multipoint...)  Jump to TBI 8V

and Chapter 2 TBI  8v.  (singlepoint. Injection...)

These parts are not hard to buy or find, the below is still used in a 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer, and others.
What is hard, is the sellers have no idea what engine you have, because Suzuki does not have a correct VIN. for G16A and B.

Chapter 1:  16v MPI (multipoint) 1992 to 1998 G16B only.
This engine has 4 injectors, 4 O rings  and 4 intake cushions (top row of below is cushions and  and vary by year.)
The trick with MPI is each company that makes, them offeres them is different forms.  ( fuel side ,  air side, or both  , or single kit or quad kits)
A real pain in the backside,  sorting this out as the sellers , don't say what they are selling or the photos are blank or wrong, or stock photos of wrong cars......... pain..
Nor have Instructions for which parts fits where (imagine yours mangled beyond recognition)


MPI continued (16v)
Suzuki OEM p/n:
The Real THING ! OEM. PARTS FROM SUZUKI,  I'd never attempt this at GM (Geo).

OEM kits are  very  expensive. 500% more in fact.

Suzuki p/n below:  (ID = data base parts blowup ID #)
ID 11,  cushion (intake man side) 09320-08062    quantity 1 , not a set.
ID 9 , rail seal grommet set, pair 15716-58BT0  same unit of issue. 1   both now sell for $28 and times 4, not cheap and any Suzuki counter.

Suzuki does not sell a full kit for all 4 injectors , so to make up a kit , the total cost would be $112. plus shipping.  OUCH. ( and more today 2014. )
Dealer prices very by location, as does shipping costs and methods and huge delays from main SUZUKI ware house to them and then later to you. LONG waits. 14 days is common.
Not only that chapter 11 here makes driving to SUZUKI hard, very hard. (its gone !)

Use Rockauto to see the seals.
See them here?

See them list the wrong SK57 seals, that is because the SMP catalog is WRONG, so echo's at ROCK.

MPI continued (16v)

What some parts houses sell: . They are very inexpensive compared to Suzuki. 
The parts must  be fuel proof and 200F+ thermal proof.  (actually  more,  if the engine overheats do you want the seals leaking then,  NO)  Engineering 101.?
Yes, all makers now have an E-Catalog, Google finds this is 1 second, flat today, unlike in 2007. but... the executions, well, sucks. Sucks Swamp gas.
The SMP brand "Standard" has errors in their catalog (2014) showing SK57 as  fit, this is wrong.  Looking at all G16Bs (GM and Suzuki) the catalog has errors. (I did file the complaint)
The correct seal is SK53, (we think)
SMP fails to list MPI seal kits until 1994, oops and they have them oops 2 !
and gets it wrong. and no J18 sport seals.
and for GM ,(Geo)
They show SK53 fits, and is same exact engine,  then fails to show its MPI injector , even though they sell MPI and TBI injector, one line up.
So I think if you order, SK53 for all Trackers and all Sidekicks MPI 1992 to 1998 it's a win..  or buy BECK.
In 1999 it changes to SK18 (theory)
When SMP wakes up and learn there are 2 engines, this will end.  G16a or b (TBI / MPI respective)
GM calls them KC and KV engine, (2door, or 4 door magic code USA BS) In Europe they have 1995 2 door 16v cars.
or ask the MPI/TBI question in the last box.  Please.   (why mix parts? what good can come from that?)
Why kill sales with missing parts, or wrong, SMP?

Beck claims this.

Beck 158-0898

Now find who sells them !

First find the right seal kit, then Google for local supply.  Like Beck 158-0898

Hope I just saved you $100 to Suzuki wallet killers.

End MPI 16v (begin 8v)

CHAPTER 2 : 1989-1995 G16A only. 
Much harder to find, but is lots better today, as Google finds them now, easy.
TBI, Single Injector BODY.    NOT MPI: 
What's worse?  Suzuki wants to sell the whole injector with  O-rings, and not just the rings for like $500 bucks. !

TBI: O-ring SET (1 pieces)   "8-018"   a.k.a. 8018.

First and Formost Suzuki does "NOT sell  JUST TBI O-rings", amazing as that is.  Not lised in any parts list by them! 89-98
The Sole Source MFG: (non OEM, after maket and a great company)  
 8V only.

This part  kit  above, are from GB REMANUFACTURING , INC, SEAL KITS.  #  8-018
Some list it as 8018. no dash.

They make this set, but do not sell them directly to he public.  and the part is missing in their E-catalog, even for 7 years now, 2014 still missing but still sold all over. and not SEARCH box... (pain)
EBAY  has them now.

GB REMAN just emailed me (1-10-2011) that the below company is a stocking seller of  #8-018 TBI injector seals.   Three Cheers.

you must create an account first at XLparts , a real pain just to buy a $2 kit, no?

ROCKAUTO.com has GB here.(2014 still do) the other o-rings are wrong on that page. Only the one part marked TBI fits.

autopartswarehouse has them online:

Some times Amazon:(still here 2012)

There is one more indirect source of rings., for $21 send the INJECTOR to witchhunter.com and the come back cleaned, flow tested and with brand new 0-rings.
Such a deal , no ?

ACdelco stopped as did Beck stop making this part. 

Now in 2014, a google seach works way better,  so GOOD  it is , pleases use IT.                or web tab way?

I do not have the spec.sizes on these rings (to clone them) but they are fuel proof and Viton (tm) on 16v .  You could measure yours correctly and buy them from the below source,  I'd buy Viton.

A Generic Source of O-rings.

Get your injectors cleaned for $21.

Never use hardware store drain pipe rated , o-rings.  Someone will die.
or HarborFreight, they are not fuel proof or heat proof at ALL. !!! WARNING !
 The must be fuel safe, all fuels and with E10, and be rated over 200 degrees F, and more, they must not leak on an overheated engine,  I'd guess at say 300F.  (don't guess, by real seals)
If you did measure yours carefully and posted it on my forum, I'd be happy to list great o-rings, at oringsusa. Even the best are dirt cheap in the real world. Talking 1 buck.
> Rev: 7  (added catalog shots) corrected SMP cat errors. (vast)