GM (GEO) part numbers for certain critical parts.  
I see GM selling these parts now, after a "DARK AGE" (2007 cost cutting...)
Like Suzuki the online photos and graphics of the car parts are missing.  (in many cases and on all 16v engines)
They (GM) have the parts, but fail to show them in the pages.
So you must know the numbers and then type them in the search box to find them. (some still work, see blue numbers below)
GM lists 4 cars, under Tracker, Base and LSI, but totally skips the KV , 4door, with 16valve engine. (but has the parts, what a mess there)
Do not mix G16A and B parts (sure the bare block) They are different engines. VIN U and VIN 6 engine codes ! Diffr, heads, pistons, etc.
Note how GM changes some 960 numbers to 911xxxxx,  just for funs and giggles, making most GM old parts books, and Fiche , useless, Thanks GM !
Then does that  and makes the web lookup near useless,  now that was a class act , GM.
The online experience ,when a RED ID number is missing in the list that means discontinued, (cute huh?)
Some show, "not shown" but are stocked, and listed like engine mounts.
Some GM parts are 1/2 the price of Suzuki, so,  get motivated?
The few parts shown, do have the real part number stated. (kudos')
GM horror 2,  I see MPI parts there,  and is not indexed. (a 16v throttle body is there)
GM sensor search works with $300 cheaper MAF sensor.
89 to 98 years.

 See GM's unique glove box door RPO codes and markets

They do stock the Left and right headlight  shells,  Unique to this car.

Use this list at your own risk; it is not  official.  The dealer always has current information.  This is a snap shot only, from my 1998 GM micro fiche. GM can change numbers and has in the past !
8V means 8 valves, 16v means..... sure...  Many number below have been substituted by GM or are obsolete.
Part Name
8v  GM P/N VIN U
16v  GM P/N VIN 6
Comments  Red letters are not part of P/N.
Distributor base O-ring
 Base to head juncture.55.5mmx1.9mm thick!
Distributor shaft O-ring
*=89/90 # = 91-95 
Distributor shaft O-ring 96068125C
C=calif, N= 96-98  use -26 for all Fed cars 8v and 16
Crank cog wheel front.
91176953 super
Timing Belt cog wheels.  (there are 3 different 16v cogs this is but one)  1996+ are unique.
and again 1/2 the price of Suzuki part.
Crank cog bolt 17mm head
Replace every 120k miles M12 X 1.25P X30      98FT/LBS ! GM sells it 1/2 price over Suzuki's oddly.
Crank front keyway woodruff
same p/n
7.5mm(h) x 15mm (long)x 0.5mm(thick)  $1.83 at GM.
Cam cog wheel
 ask GM for revised integrated cog and washer..  Suz does this automatically.
Cam cog dowel pin (key)
0.6mm x 10mm
Clutch cable all years
see here
see link
 lots of versions and the year changed, was different that Suzuki changes. (cut  over dates)
Clutch pedal main 89-90
spline stripped? due to bad cable!
Clutch pedal  main 91-95
spline stripped? due to bad cable!
Water pump (studs extra)
91174230 (98 only),   the 8v pump is missing "NIS" at GM.
Fuel pump
*=89-97 Z=98 only,  after market , way cheaper.
Fuel filler neck to fender (metal)
*=89-96  Z=97-98
Oil DIP tube 0-ring

Rear of Water pump 0-ring
no size stated.
Oil pump
 no front  seal ,bolts or the back side dowl.
Ignition coil
*=89/90 ,  Z=all others 91-95 (96+ inside dizzy)
Ign, Igniter driver transisor module
91 to 95.  (89/90,96-98 inside Dizzy)
Thermostat 82C 89-91'
89-98 all years and motors ,  180F.  (sold in all auto stores, way easier to get.)
   varies by FED or California.  not sure what these parts fit, ask GM.  there are 2, 16v manifolds, CAL and FED.
Warning all  Calif cars have unique parts,  Exhaust system end to end and manfolds and smog parts and even valves.
EGR and other parts,  Be sure to look at under hood sticker (look upward) on your car to see if  it has EPA sticker "for usage in California" stated. Then tell GM that fact. or you will get the wrong smog  related parts.

Below is the GM 8v valve G16A image live. Some parts are stocked, 16v (VIN 6) image , is missing, at GM.

The old parts list, base engine missing, but has partial engine related parts, Like air induction  piping,exhaust ,Ignition Emission,cooling and A/C parts, oil pan, timing belt cover. sans belt.
(hint, Ignore Japan numbers, use CAMI, which is maked Canada Built that means CAMI made.)  With the link to the left and the online below , all parts in the engine can be looked up, if missin they are NIS (not in stock)"aka. discontinued"

rev5 ,  1-25-2010   (12/2014 new links) My one and only GM page.  Good for one thing, getting parts way cheaper than any Suzuki source. (USA)  or N.I.S. at Suzuki.

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