USA /Canada 89 to 95 SIDEKICK  / Tracker   /  Vitara / SunRunners
My unified list below, is  of OBD1 DTC failures 
Diagnostic Trouble Codes , old OBD1 (only) DTC codes: Before 1996 USA.
Pulling the DOME fuse erases stored in memory DTC errors.
The ECU never lies about these codes, all are catastrophic failures.
12 Normal,   (no codes stored, or live) This is not an ERROR DTC.


O Fail   Oxygen Sensor output circuit fail?   "  ( detected on O sensor output is STUCK )   [not heater ,as it is hardwired]
Test Conditions: ECT>= 158 , RPM >= 2100., not in throttle fuel cut mode, and charging eff. >= 38%  (Alternator or battery not bad)

The FSM warns this can fail, if  Engine is running super rich or lean and can be a victim of that primary  problem.  FSM page 6E-44

See ECU pin A19 8v  or B20 on 16V


ECT Sensor Circuit  Engine Coolant temperature sensor, too high  V(oltage)


ECT Sensor Circuit  Engine Coolant temperature sensor, too low V.


TPS  Throttle Position  Sensor Circuit  too high V , TP pin, not idle.


TPS  Throttle Position  Sensor Circuit  too low V  , TP pin, not idle.


IAT  Intake Air temperature Sensor Circuit   , too high V.


VSS Vehicle Speed sensor failure ,  About 4 pulses per second at 25mph = normal. Detected at Fuel cut (De-Accel)

26 V6 -- O2  right bank  slow to swing.  Aka. Bank 2 Sensor 1.


IAT  Intake Air temperature Sensor Circuit , too low V.

 MAP sensor Pressure  too high ( illegal low  vacuum)  (usually grossly in error)   8 valve only.
 MAP sensor Pressure  too low ( illegal high  vacuum)  (usually grossly in error)   8 valve only.


MAF (16valve only)  Air Flow Sensor Circuit ,too high current input to ECU.  >= 4.9mA detected.


MAF (16valve only)  Air Flow Sensor Circuit ,too low current. , lower than  0.65mA detected.


Ignition Signal Circuit  , the Ignition coil feed back line is dead , oming from the Ign. upressor. (kills  Injection too)  & a 6 pulse fail rule.

On the G16 engines, this means the Tachometer wire , brown is dead. (or weak) Suppressor missing, or Tachometer shorted, or bad ignitor or bad spark coil.

This code, seen by ECU cuts fuel , now. (fire prevention laws and hydrostatic locking potential)

ECU Pin A6 (sammari's), Kicks Pin C2pin1(89/90) A1 all 8v (91'-95) pin A8,  C2pin8 (96-98) brown.  (spark can be good but fueling is killed)


The CAM angle  Sensor  (CMP ) is dead.  Inside Dizzy, or at the left CAM shaft 1.8L on up,  causes Cut fuel (no spark , causes no fueling)

43 Knock Sensor fail ( not on G16A or G16B motors)  found on some engines  outside USA. or on J20s on up.


Idle Switch Circuit  OPEN  all the time.  Part of TPS sensor. ( 5v all the time)  or Maladjusted.


Idle Switch Circuit , grounded out,  all the time.  Part of TPS sensor. (too low) or Maladjusted.  Most books fail to say , low voltage here,or near zero ohms.

46 IAC fault ?
47 V6 - CMP fail. Cam sender .  2.0L H20 V6? outside USA?


EGR System failure ,found mostly on California cars.  Each country has its own rules for this.  See YOUR FSM for these Facts.

Fuel Injector  fail . ( 16V only)  , ECT >= 158, At Fuel cut mode (deceleration)  and for 3 seconds the  O must see below 0.45V (note1.)


 This code has 2 basic meanings on all cars,  #1 is ECU memory failure and #2, Wrong ECU in car "missing california Ground pin". (I will now explain that)

Depending on if car is California or Federal model,  you have the wrong ECU installed (Cal/fed)   Or the WRONG EGR.

Or the EGR thermoprobe is bad or the connector just fell off this sensor.  (the 8v ECU has a California grounded pin on ECU ,if missing? bam 53)

It can also mean , memory corruption or Processor has malfunctioned, due to poor power supply regulator inside the ECU.  
Fifth gear switch circuit (5speed manual)   some ECU have this input. Usually its the tranny switch bad.
test switch circuit  sammi's  see offsite link above
CEL not glowing, key on.
Bad lamp or bad ECU. (loss of main power (fuses)  or stuck in ECU BACKUP mode (a bad ECU)
CEL stuck on, all the time.
No DTC codes stored or flashed out, If  USA Federal  Mileage Nag mode (flip the switch) or ECU dead.  California cars have no NAG mode.
CEL flashing rapidly. (no pattern)
IMMO is failing, that is , it has key errors or worse it is dead or lost power.
CEL flashing codes, all the time.
Some one, left the DLC diagnostic jumper in place.  (it's harmless but the flashing may drive you nuts, or you are trying to find intermittent DTCs?)

Not all ECU's can produce all these codes.    This list is useless for 96 and newer cars with OBD2 communications.
No scan tool is needed, to read these codes, pre 98' only a paper clip.  see previous page for details. Sorry, Autozone can't scan any pre 96' car.
VSS is detected by sensing <0.9 mph with fuel cut (decelerating) longer that 3.5 Seconds.
If code 51 sets with any other DTC the other error , should be troubleshot first.
Code 42 , happens only while cranking AND while DTC diagnostic jumper is inserted.  A Very special case. or while running car.
Code 41 and 42 KILLS injection, immediately.
This codes are Mitsubishi (Suzuki) codes and have nothing to do with old GM codes, used on old Chevy's.
Trackers have Mitsubishi ECU's and GM FICHE parts, lists the ECU P/N as a Suzuki part numbers , and is the same ECU.!
Non USA cars, have no NAG mode. only Federal  USA ECU's have the NAG mode. and never do the California cars.
All 8x codes, are serial link SDL, errors or bad IMMOBILIZER (or key) seen on cars outside USA.  I do not have any FSM for cars outside USA.

Other codes (non USA cars) and notes
The Suzuki is unique from other OBD1 cars, in that , you can see the stored codes, parked engine off , key on, and running and live codes running.
61,62, TCM shift solenoid 1 fail,  62,63 shift 2 sol. fail,  65,66, TCC fail and 72 A/T range switch fail.  75 is Tranny VSS2 failure.
8x codes are all Immobilizer codes. See FSM for details on above DTC codes.
Code 41 auto clears if you key off,  or forget to crank for 5-10 seconds. If the 16v  suppressor  falls off, spark is good, but fuel is dead, and dash tachometer, is dead. (8v Supressor is at the left shock strut tower)

Note1:DTC 52 (calif) 0.45V is mid scale for 02 sensor below that, is lean measurement, this test is live driving CUT fuel failed test by the ECU, for finding injectors are leaking !
I think code 52 is a Califoria car only code. code 52 might trip if the 02 is stuck at 1v. or above 0.45v while at cut-fuel mode.
If the dash I/P cluster warning lamp called CEL flashes real fast (not in Diag. jumper mode) that means the IMMO is failing, (it's unhappy,bad key ,etc...)
Most the errors you see, here, on old OBD1 cars are Catastrophic errors. and most be corrected now.
It best, to correct,  the lower numbered errors first.
I am told this list can work on non USA cars up to 2001 or even 2006. That is because, the USA can not force OBD2 on to the rest of the world. (our invention that)
I'm sorry,I don't have the book on 8x errors buy the FSM for your country to get these...

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