What is a Gallon?    

NOTE:  Please do not ask about MPG issues, unless you state , US or Imperial Gallons!

 Imperial Gallons as seen in UK , Canada, or Cayman islands (etc...) below are larger.   Use this conversion page.
We use USA Miles per gallon Gallons! (and oddly USA Gallons are at  "Imperial miles" , no laughing now, at the Gringo's funny ways)   Miles(imperial) per USA Gallon.  No joking matter that.....

USA Imperial Miles per USA gallon.  (funny , huh?) or M[imp]PG[US].  or MPG for short.
Confusing yes, but this nice can, shows the truth.   See M[imp]PG[imp] below.
This photo is for those rare Canada folks still using Imperial Gallons.  (sold, at rare gas station pumps)  Right photo at Cayman Islands, CI.

If the above can was, 1 Imp. Gallon, the  U.S. mark would be 1.2 Gallons. see?

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