How to ID your non-USA/Canada Sidekick or Vitara

Chassis TAGS !
This car does not have a VIN, it has a  non-N.American body tag and chassis number.  See the word CHASSIS?  JSAxx.. is not a VIN.
This is NOT a Vehicle Ident. Number

If your car is a VIN coded,  N.America car,  then go back ! now.

JDM's are cars made for the Japanese Domestic Market.
 The JDM has only  Japanese language books  and we have zero data on them. zip.
Where your car was made and where it was designed to serve, is two different things.  This is called the Market code. (24 below)

Non  N.American Cars section begin:
Each country have different engines, smog, EFI and lighting, air conditioning ,brakes, and safety devices.

The below is a chassis Number tag and serial number.  the Chassis no. codes are unique per generation as are the FAE digits !

Located on the engine bay fire wall up high, above battery.
This is  a mid 90s generation  BODY TAG: Other years vary.
Vin Decoders will ERROR with this input. (check digit fail or ?)

G16A = 8v  head.
G16B = 16v head.
The C code in the chassis # is Canvas or 2doors.
Note, the year is flatly stated and is not encode in the chassis no..
Some years, avoid any year marks or codes ( oddly)
The "JSAET" says this is a real Japan made Suzuki. 
Different factories. use different tag styles.
Tags: Santana (Spain ) and Mygar , Cami  (Canada) and Japan.

Line 6 above at the end shows the market code. 24.
See the red line, you need this # for help in diagnosis or to parts .
In fact, the whole tag is important ! photo it?
The EPC , electronics parts catalog breaks the above tag down., as follows"
FAE number above, (model code) is unique to your country ! and can be different for each country. 
Some gray market cars are E01. E01 is General market car.
The last digits of the Chassis # is the actual Serial Number of car. ,please "nnnn" yours for privacy.
The last Line above the date,  will tell you the exact market code of your car , in this case E24 .
Below is the typical set of codes:
 Different years use diff decodes for this line, so you need to tell the person helping you this code.
V= VAN top        MT = manual transmission  3AT = automatic transmission.  3DR = 3 doors.
C = Canvas  top.

This is the EPC data page for year shown.  This decode varies by generation ! and is not a standard  world wide.
This is Suzuki only data.

1.6L commentary SE416-x
I did find out the Type 2 (M) is Carb engine.
As you can see this tag shows everything, cept type of  fuel system ( but the type code does show which sub catagory of system)  There are no documents on TYPE !
Type ranges from 1 to 5 (or more; not sure)
The 8valve (8V)  is sold world wide with both (4 kinds and A/T& M/T types) of carburettor or  one TBI EFI.
The 16v is EFI MPI injected engine.  (4 injectors) only.
The type carbs, used varies, by market.  11 different markets  carbs in a group and E43 (Saudi Arabia ) carb. M/T and A/T carbs  
My guess, ( a joke) is the Saudi carb uses the most fuel possible  , LOL ! 

This car is market car E24 and is very important to know that,  when ordering engine parts.
E24 is Australia (RHD)  E22 is Germany  E28 is Australia.
The whole Chassis # and  line #6 on tag is very important for all  OEM parts ordering.  The OEM is SUZUKI !

MY TAG slide show see comments on the photos for many countries.

If you fail to tell the parts man, this tag data, you may get the wrong parts!
I recommend photographing it, printing it out and then keeping a copy in the glove box !

Click this Link, to see ALL 93 Market codes.

Besides the Suzuki factories in JAPAN. Hamamatsu City , and Iwata

The old  the Canadian plant ,

Magyar   in Hungary.

Santana of spain.

First know where your car was made, then know what market it was designed to serve. 
Made and serve are not equal. (mostly)

vers. 2  5-22-11 , added carb data. ( still lacking type codes)