SNAKE OIL Solutions and Modifications :                          

Snake oil, has many forms (oil additives, intake turbo spinners, C.A.I junk, hydrogen gimmicks, water injection and the gimmick's and products, are endless today).

The best way to detect lies, is to see the word FREE, see that word  , RUN!
The classic lies:
Up to 20% more HP , horse power.
Up to 20% more economy, gee, do I get both?
Free Energy.
Drive 20,000 miles on one oil change.

The only snake oil that bothers me, is junk they sell for the gas tank, that is either useless (like dollar store, injector cleaner) or harmful that can damage injector coils or the 02 sensor.
Same with any oil additives of any kind, sold in a bottle. (your cars operators guide forbids it, is that not proof enough)?
If you mix chemistries, you will lose in th end.
Did you know that some snake oil sold and used in automatic transmissions, does work for a week or so, then this chem. softens the seals too much and they leak, melt or deform.  Now the damage gets works as transmission slips.
Please keep in mind it is your car, and you are free to torture it all you want.
I do not recommend any brands of any oils an lubes, No brand loyalties here, nor synthetic hype. Oil brands are at a Religion status here. I'll not go there.
If you do see brands here, it is only for examples.

H2 and HHO ( the latter in itself is a lie, there is no HHO in science)  (making Hydrogen gas)

Gasoline is 18 atoms of H, and at this moment is only $40 a barrel, (42 gallons in one barrel there are)  95 cents to go 20 miles, Such a deal ,no?
That is my Hydrogen economy ,the others are all for the rich. (or dreamers that all fail)

Fun to see photo:
Huntington beach circa, 1920 !

True free energy (potentially) is called waste heat, the silly engine wastes all fuel burned as  80% wasted heat.
 THIS IS REAL and is the BEST way to gain energy but mostly , ignored.
Keep in mind, the return on investment in hardware , needs to beat the cost of just burning more fuel for the life of the CONVERTORS.
At 3 major places, Exhuast pipe end, Radiator (coolant) and exhaust manifold.  (yes, we are still in the dark ages here ,)
One could recover this free source of waste energy and put it to work.  (but  the parts to do so, are  very expensive)
The power industry and  many others do this and is called CO-GEN,  Wiki that, to see how that is done.

The only free energy is wasted energy ,if you have rich uncle to buy the device that recovers, the huge wasted heat from the Exhaust, and radiators.
There is sold a exhuast heat sink that converts heat to electron flow, it is a huge Thermistor matrix.$$$
You might make a steam generator on the exhaust manifold and with steam run tiny steam engine , and use this to run the alternator.
Now you have so called free energy.  (it's just converting waste heat  to useful energy , rotating energy)
You can put huge solar array on the roof (solar cell grid) and replace the alternator, saving up to 1 HP loss, running.
The problem with solar is storage (parked in sun wanting to safe energy for next drive?) as batteries are very heavy.

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See if you can detect the bunk here.?
In my opinion, he who makes outrageous claims , needs to provide super hard  evidence and proofs! Carl Segan said it and I believe him !

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This document in no way refers to any company , corporation or persons, I mention all things in the most generic way.
I have zero responsibility for the content of all  links here, nor anyone else.