Sidekick Speedo Cluster 91 to 95

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My Speedo Cluster Collection.
I had to buy many broken Clusters to make one good head, with a good Tacho.
Key points on buying a  used head,  Year range, TACHO, Connector position on rear, Pin count on rear, AT/MT, 4WD.

The most common cause of VSS (veh. speed sensor) failure is corroded Flex PC pads, so erase them as
the photo shows. Next if the Speedometer mechanism is bad, the VSS will not work, because there are up to
3 worm gears in side the speedo that make the VSS click.  The actual VSS clicker is just a cheap reed switch.
Best place to get a used head is on Fleebay and and
Never buy a head unless you have a photo of the rear ! , and the P/N on the bottom edge. 34100-xxxxx.
Hope this helps someone.