Auto Locking 4WD Hubs          

Remove the hubs with the outside 6 bolts.
The FSM says, not servicable.  well....  not really true...

Look for broken parts , clean it and look again ? , if anything is  broken, they can't be repaired.  (unless you  get wrecking yard spare  parts)

Remove the inside snap ring ( this will be a harrowing experience  ,even with the 6 snap ring tools that I have in tool box)

Now take it apart and cleang it .
Put it back together with a light coat of marine GP grease ( is use a 1/2" paint brush ).
Than I  put back that pesky snap ring.

Photos  97 Kick, courtesy of :  ED !
Thank you ED !!

Why I dont like Auto locking hubs: 


Each fall , inspect ,clean you hubs before winter comes. And if possible , test them.
Same as the Antifreeze , which I use a RAD hydrometer ( $2) to test the protection level.   ( cold engine)  ( I digress, but I do both same day in fall)