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I make no claims as an authority or expert.
All content in this web site is rumor/humor or parody, if not opinion, most is rumor, and at my age , I can no longer tell the difference (older than dirt)
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There are no teams of office editors here, these pages are just fast, off the cuff , journals. I do hope they are helpful !
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These pages are for professionals mechanics and not for the  Amateurs, all pages are to help your ASE Trained mechanic, repair older cars, that use old style parts and controls.
Many shops today don't even know what  OBD1 is or for SURE on any SUZUKI oddities aplenty.  (like water under a bridge,  long ago forgotten, or never seen and will get worse)
I do not authorize or recommend, any Amateur to repair or work on their own cars, until you have full PPE and have been checked out on safety issues.
These  pages show what a  professional might do. That is IT !

These set of web pages, are only my personal(and others) logs and private journal, and not in any way authoritative or official.  (and from many friends and helper,etc )
They are just my opinion or opinions of other associates  and friends, and some data. (and lots of restoration experience)
Some comments are pure rumor.  ( I try to mark them ,as such) eg: Cold HLA lifters normally make noise at start up (rumor)mine does NOT.

This page is meant for educational purposes only, or to start dialog with those more informed than myself.
Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

My never do list !
All machines are complex and cars top the  list in the public domain. 
Never use bricks of any kind to hold a car up off the ground, nor get near the fan or belts on the engine, or near any spinning tires, or prop. shafts. DO NOT , PLEASE !
At the least use  2 jacks stands rated for 2 tons each, minium at all times, under the car, never trust just 1 stand, and never  any ! jack. 
Never remove the radiator cap, on any hot engine, nor touch the hot exhaust parts with bare skin.

Do not work in the electrical parts of the car with the battery connected, or fire and burns or acid burns can happen.
Do not work on the fuel system unless it is depressurized.
Do not drive with fautly brakes or steering.
Do not drive with the steering wheel nut missing or any lug nuts loose or missing.
Never drive any car with cracks in the brake drums or rotor, or siezed clilper sliders.(or spongy brakes, for brake fluid leaks)
Do not exit vehicle, while moving.
Do not operate this vehicle underwater, or deeper than 1 inch. 25mm. (slowly)
"Harmful if Swallowed."  Do not swallow the car or any sub part of car, not  even a tiny 5mm nut.
Nor stuff any car parts ito any body cavities. That includes sucking vacuum lines or or fuel lines.
Do not drive the car unless you read the operators guide and all warnings in same.<< 1995 , you can, in fact get it  free online or from any dealer, at any time, any year, and is required by law.
If you can not read, then do not operate any machinery. (have a friend, read it to you)
Do not pee or spit or drool on any spark plug , wire or subcomponent.  This can be 30,000 volts are more and can be lethal.
Do not brake too fast or quick, while 10 feet in front of any moving logging truck. Or the like.
Do not drive indoors.
Do not BBQ food inside the Car.
Do not hit, inmovable objects.
Do not attemp to fly. Or attempt to  jump car into the air.
Do not wear a scarf while driving or it will catch in the axle wheels and break you neck or worse? (very easy in a convertible or with windows OPEN)
Not to be used in the commission of a felony.
Do not use tin foil on fuses in an attempt to fix it or overcurrent spec a fuse. Tin foil on your head is ,however , ok.
Warning: has been found to cause cancer in laboratory mice., espeically after sleeping with car or eating car parts. (California warnings, required)
Warning this car may have no  AIR BAGS, ABS or direction controls.  (You are in 100% control at all times,buck up bunky.)
Never drive with out a drivers license and proper instruction.,  blind, drunk, or not strapped in,  click it or ticket .

The best place to find facts about (any) your car is the FSM or on line at ALLDATA.com. Hit home and see the link,up top. (discounted link....)
Mitchells is every bit as good.

Both web sites have DIY subscriptions , even for $15 bucks.

Joking is in italics:
Void where prohibited. Some assembly required. List each check separately by bank number. Batteries not included. Contents may settle during shipment. Use only as directed. No other warranty expressed or implied. Do not use while operating a motor vehicle or heavy equipment. Postage will be paid by addressee. Subject to approval. This is not an offer to sell securities. Apply only to affected area. May be too intense for some viewers. Do not stamp. Use other side for additional listings. For recreational use only. Do not disturb. All models over 18 years of age. If condition persists, consult your physician. No user-serviceable parts inside. Freshest if eaten before date on carton. Subject to change without notice. Times approximate. Simulated picture. No postage necessary if mailed in the United States. Breaking seal constitutes acceptance of agreement. For off-road use only. As seen on TV. One size fits all. Many suitcases look alike. Contains a substantial amount of non-tobacco ingredients. Colors may, in time, fade. We have sent the forms which seem to be right for you. Slippery when wet. For office use only. Not affiliated with the American Red Cross. Drop in any mailbox. Edited for television. Keep cool; process promptly. Post office will not deliver without postage. List was current at time of printing. Return to sender, no forwarding order on file, unable to forward. Not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect, error or failure to perform. At participating locations only. Not the Beatles. Penalty for private use. See label for sequence. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal. Do not write below this line. Falling rocks. Lost ticket pays maximum rate. Your cancelled check is your receipt. Add toner. Place stamp here. Avoid contact with skin. Sanitized for your protection. Be sure each item is properly endorsed. Sign here without admitting guilt. Slightly higher west of the Mississippi. Employees and their families are not eligible. Beware of dog. Contestants have been briefed on some questions before the show. Limited time offer, call now to insure prompt delivery. You must be present to win. No passes accepted for this engagement. No purchase necessary. Processed at location stamped in code at top of carton. Shading within a garment may occur. Use only in well-ventilated area. Keep away from fire or flame. Replace with same type. Approved for veterans. Booths for two or more. Check here if tax deductible. Some equipment shown is optional. Price does not include taxes. No Canadian coins. Not recommended for children. Prerecorded for this time zone. Reproduction strictly prohibited. No solicitors. No alcohol, dogs, or horses. No anchovies unless otherwise specified. Restaurant package, not for resale. List at least two alternate dates. First pull up, then pull down. Call toll free before digging. Driver does not carry cash. Some of the trademarks mentioned in this product appear for identification purposes only. Record additional transactions on back of previous stub. Decision of judges is final. Shipping and tax are extra and very costly.

I am bored prefixing everything I say with "I think" or "in my opinion".  but is 100% true, at all times.

If someone objects to my content please to send an email seen at the bottom of page 1, Home.
I  may remove any content , contested , immediately. Especally, if I'm wrong.

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