The slush pump A/T,  the  JEEP 42RLE  problems.    

It's no hyrdamatic, with hydraulic shifting servos, etc.
It is 100% electronic shifted, and sensed. 100% and is called the Ultra-Drive.
Seen on all Jeep Liberty's from 2003 to 2013
The 42RLE.
The transmission shifts by the actions of the TCM/PCM

You can not fix any 42RLE by guessing.
Sure check all fuses, sure check levels hot per operators guide, sure get the inside filter replaces, sure a full flush,

The  TCM brains will also change shifting action, if the brake switch fails. or sensors die and limphome happens for any reasons.
If the brain sees CONTRADITIONS of any kind it will not shift right. (like RPM out of control and other serious matters) Jeep don't want a 10billion buck lawsuit like Toyota has, no way.

So you must scan it, not with a $10 fleabay scanner, but with this tool  (or the like), the INNOVA 3160 scanner see's ALL YOU CAN SEE.  P17xx codes,  U, B,P,C and P1 and P2xx codes.  see them ALL.
You will not be able to do dealer scans that can dive deep in to problems (like flipping soleniods at will and 1000s of other checks , interactive they are)

SCANNING FOR TRANNY DTC errors:  "Diagnostic, Trouble Code" or Codes.
The cluster display is useless, P0700.  (means TCM is NOT HAPPY, see factory codes)
Seen one DTC where? as seen on TV, nah....

  •   Dash display? VFD, or EVIC Cluster  window, aka"CCN" by Jeep. (useless this is,except , gee, something is terrible wrong)
  •   Autozoned.? you're kidding right? (or used  Larry's old 1996 code reader, sorry, code readers are junk and 10x that old. USE REAL SCAN TOOLS , PLEASE..  Don't get Zoned by clerks.(rings true!)
  •    or a real scan tool, (non toy grade)?  omg , P17xx errors.
  •   Consider asking and auto repair shop for a full scan?  ASK any ASE shop in the USA, and win.

Read these linked pages below.
see all this LIMP modes?

One more link that shows more DTC errors. "CODES" read all 3 pages.

GOT CAN-BUSS ERRORS?  Controller Area Network?
There can be CAN buss errors causing the transmission to shift odd.  Uxxx codes, these must be corrected FIRST.

Google 42RLE problems?

Did you know there are at least 3 TSB recalls or like updates on this TRANS box, all serious.! one is a new TRS switch and  new harness...and new TRS; based on DATE CODES?  TRS means transmission range switch.

Let me explain contradictions.
If the TRS shows, 2 gears active at once or no gears selected?   or brakes switch wrong, and moved to drive? Or started in neutral and the brakes switch fails?
or the TRS gear shown (sensed) does not match commanded gear set? (soleniods commanded). OOPS?
Lets play a game, the TCM shifts from 1st to 2nd, all is well until it (brain) looks at the TRS switch, and its in 3rd gear, what would the TCM do, hell I don't know,(it's software) but it will go to limp mode, or the LIKE.
Does it matter?, the scan codes told you what it did wrong, not scanning is the issue... working blind is not going to go well for you. I promise.
You would not want to go into reverse at say 85mph right? (or to 1st) No need to list all Contradictions, after all ,most if not all are obvous. (a danger to you, others or to the transmission ,or all 3)
The system also monitors the brake switch , but the brake switch is really upto 3 switches (3in 1 box), what if one reads contradictory?
Now in one page you learned, that not scanning , you missed the boat.  (It's not the Titanic, the boat to miss ,sure.)

The OBD2 scan port is by your  knee cap , has a 16 female pins,  pins 4, 5 and 16 and  can-bus pins 6 &14 must be populated.
My scan tool does JEEP ABS too, at the same jack, using same INNOVA tool.
CAN-bus is 2008 USA car manditory, but is seen on cars 2003 and newer.  (BMW first use 1986)
In 2006, over 70% of all automobiles sold in North America will utilize CAN Bus technology.

USA JEEP  Evolution: (for CAN-BUS) {you need to know this , so you can check for Can-bus errors at get go}
BUS what bus,  (bus means feed as in "power bus", or power feed, or communications feed, or netword) It is COMM's here.
CCD bus  in the Jeep is not Can-bus, as seen back to 1996 Jeeps. It seems the same?, with  2 wires twisted, but is not. It's Chrysler collision detection bus. nor is it SCI bus or PCI, PCI is super set if J1850 OBD2 VPW signalling. (works with old scan tools and new)
The 2005 (first) Grand Cherokee "WK" is OBD2 can-bus. pin 6&14 wired.
The Jeep Liberty KJ went CAN-bus in 2005 Diesel only, then in 2006 GAS engine gets CAN-BUS DLC.
Wrangler and Patriot started CAN-Bus in 2007. KJ and MK jeeps.

This 1 page will never help fix a bad transmission ,but may show you it's not really the transmission actual, it's say a  bad Can-bus commuications, or bad sensors. So called speed sensors. Bad TRS, Bad Solenoids, or wires? (or just a rusty connector)

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