Jeep hacks, for alarm disablement.  VTSS means vehicle theft and security system.
You don't want to fix it right now, for what ever reason!
For 1993 VTSS and newer can be hacked, but will not work in 2007 and up for sure.
Hacks Known to work are 1993-95. Not before.
For newer cars, this  BULLDOG might work, for alarm  not SKIM security keys & not any Immoblilzer)
The first, is not a hack, it is in the operators guide.
If you learn to Google?, this is has been posted like a zillion times, on the web,  for sure real jeep forums. (all)

Cutting this wire does not work. (just cutting it )
One end or the whole wire must be grounded. (best, is to shave wire and then ground it, not knowing which end to ground!)
Blown or removed VTSS fuses, makes this hack , invalid.  (no power > no joy)
Adding this hack to other owners hacks,"here" will not work, undo their's, first and add this hack.
If he cars alarm modules are missing ,all this is useless.

Dependancies? yah..
If an unauthorized entry does occur, the VTSS system signals the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) to prevent vehicle from being driven.
The  PCM (then) reduces injector pulse width to zero killing all fuel injections, causing a start and stall condition. (ASD rules, for 3 seconds)
This does not prevent or block the  cranking over of the engine.

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