Throttle body air supplies

A/T option car has a TBI heater called "PTC "

water drain hole to protect studs from rust, those small holes need to be blocked when installed by gasket, choices.

new gasket, 91 M/T HOME GROWN and nice ! if you block the path that is slot curve here, this will kill ported vacuum. dead.

valve is 100% closed, DP retracted, this gasket love loves to crack , and suck in and cause HAVOC.

The TPS has index slots, the TPS must never jam the TV open. it needs to be indexed correclty then calibrated, this has 2 parts, the throttle angles and an idle is closed switch, if the switch is not calibrated, bad things happen.

16v MPI start here. note the IAC port (suction) that i can block with clay and see if the IAC is stuck open. (racing idle, hot) , easy to do and hard factual answers, fast....

The TV is 99.9% closed, ~0.0005 gap, the arrow shows the ISC suck port and must not suck air , above 150F. cleaning that of off is obvious I hope.

1995.5 and newer mono port EGR injector port 100% clogged the early 16v engines do not have this mono port they run the quad port EGR in the intake runners and are beach to clean.

16v throttle stop, factory setting, All 16v engines G16B , this is only a crude benchmark, i use a 0.0005 1/2 a thou, feeler guage to the the bore/TV valve gap. this is the MPI 16valve engines, 92 and up. there is no SUZ spec here, this is my reverse engineered data, (from Suzuki vacuum)

95 16v MPI induction path, No leaks allowed. Before or after TB !

16v IAC thermal wax powered cold air , closes above 150F, see the IAC cut up in frame 11 above. all IAC work same ,but look driffernt, dont be fooled they are the same. thermal valve.

Idle speed 92+

G16B MPI TB , idlle bleed, idle duty cycle setting hot. RTM read the factory manual for setting this hot.

G16B 16v MPI throttle body, whole.

16v TB

This is the 200 hz modulation of the ISC. 50% is perfect. 5mS period, 2.5mS pulse (hot engine,) if wrong use the bleed screw to set it correctly. The ECU controls RPM , only you can set duty cycle and not have air leaks making the ISC go NUTS.

this is the kit sold in stores, use the correct gaskets for A/T or M/T and year . Some holes are pass through, others X5 small, are purposely blocked. the Mid body gasket loves to crack and suck in and wreck the bleed screw air supply controls.

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