Cheap China Counterfeit Crap  "C4" parts          

C4 can grenade a good engine.....
Known as , NO NAME Car PARTS:  (knock-offs, clones, etc) and many are very poorly made,  or poorly copied, and not Engineered, but directly copied, in a  horridly crude way.
Poor alloys , poor machining, and poor heat treating and alloy of bearings.   
No name means , not from a top brand company. Not from a company that is well known with a track record and has ISO9000 credentials.

"The bitterness of poor quality, lingers long after, the sweetness of low price is forgotten"

This is about buying after market parts,  and for sure, the cheapest you can find.    ( plus Counterfeits too)
Real main land China  (not Taiwan) ships more defective car part than any other country, even combined.  (they well earned the title of C4 )  "CRAP"
This is just a list of horror's.
Do you think it's safe to drive on no name china bearings or brakes  ( really?)
This is no generalization, it is just a warning.  (buy what you want, but do be careful, is my only message) 
I buy lots of things from China,  ART, rugs , door mats, dishes, clothing, just about all things, no longer made in the USA, I must buy from China,  even my Levi's (are no longer made in USA)
This page has nothing to do, with top makers of parts produced in China, like Bosch and 1000s of others, all top named multi-national brands are there... this is not about them...
But, I will never buy cloned parts for any car, that are in the critical safety area's  . Brakes, Bearings or Fueling parts.
Almost all the junk sold is on one channel, the "auction channel", like at fleabay (a generic term only ) Discovered and bought, because it was DIRT CHEAP.

I hope I saved your life , money, pain, work, labor, and down time. and useless DRAMA,  I DO.

There are like 600 bearing makers in China and many are pure junk. 
Which one should you buy?  Timken is one GREAT BEARING makers and tooling metals famous.  (yes, they moved to China/India from the USA)

Here are 16  of the 600 bearing makers , to avoid.  (IMO)
Hebei Jintaisen
changzhou wujin sunan
Oingdao habid
Changzho shine
Guanxian Sanhui
Anrui holding
Qingtan special
Shandong Quanxian Kngsn
Jinan Kelunte
Tiansui DRB trading co.
Luoang boying
Xiamen Oujia import
Shangyu Hongda
Jiashan Dingyi
Shengang Zhongye Guangyan
Dogguan Shuanglian

and for sure ,this one.-

"SOM Ting Wong" brand,  or the like. dig?

This post at Fiero forum.  (steve gets it)

2007  Counterfeiting (forged names and certs)  etc.

The Famous German Bearing "FAG" makes , reports   CHINA counterfeits (link died, but FAG is  top brand)  as are Timken, Koyo,  SKF, Fed-Mogal, Beck_Arnley, BEARINGS

The  Auto Blog.

A running list of  counterfeiting parts. (the black market)

Here is a guy that bought bearings at a popular USA Auto Store.
He got Counterfeit Timken bearings!

AC-DELCO , warnings.

Ford:  (seems China has competition)

Fox news warnings:

Hotrod mag.

Dragzine mag.

New Jersey FBI Raids.

CNBC Aston Martin recalls 17,590 cars due to fake parts

Read the endless warnings, USE GOOGLE to see them , IT's NO SECRET.

The list is near endless and expands each day.  I will stop here.

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